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A simple map maker is released from his required service in the Solsu army and sets out to find work. Instead, he comes upon a plot to capture and enslave the gods. Ronixis Virrona, called 'Red' by his friends, must take upon him a pact with a god to deliver the Heart of Valtare to the mysterious land of Missuk before dark and dreadful forces overtake the land.

Ronixis "Red" Virrona

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  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Class: Warlock 3
  • Otherworldly Patron: The Hexblade
  • Equipment: Scimitar, Shield of Solsu, Military Crossbow, Pact Magic

Red was born in the land of Tridu, a place of lush forests and beautiful land in the northeast of the country of Solsu. He never met his human father and was taken care of by his elven mother. Throughout his life, he loved to make maps and chart the lands. This because very useful for him when he was conscripted into the Solsu Army at 20 years old. After completing his service in the Office of Cartography, Red began his journey home, looking for work to finance his travels. He still carries with him the armaments of war given to him by the army, but has learned magic thanks to his pact with the goddess Valtare. He uses it to fulfill her divine quest: deliver the Heart of Valtare to the great temple in Missuk.

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World Lore and Information


Chapter Title Date
3 The Demon

The town of Noname is under a spell. Red and his companions work to save it, discovering something terrible.

May 01, 2020
2 The Town With No Name

Armed with new arcane abilities, Red sets out with Corlee to find information on traveling to Missuk. Along the way, he discovers something awful happening in a nearby village.

Mar 08, 2020
1 Leaving the Ranks

Newly released from service in the Solsu army, Red takes on a job up north to finance his trip home. He finds himself conscripted into a different kind of service.

Feb 14, 2020