Hebo's Songs

I'll Tell You a Tale of a Big Dragon Tail

Come listen my fellows
as I tell you a tale
Of a dragon so evil,
He came straight from hell.

Renshato the foul spawn
so heartless, so cruel,
Unkind, unyielding,
He suffers no fools.

Sweeping, swooping,
terror upon the skies,
Blowing nasty poison,
Makes small goblins cry

Kobolds all worship
our enemy so savage,
We must defeat them all,
Our hearts won’t be ravaged

Underestimated we were
by horrid Renshato,
When a challenge he delivered,
to the Great Ones his foe,

A fight! A fight!
We stood ready in wait,
Renshato was to learn
why we are so great.

Ezio so cunning,
invisible in daylight
Petra so pleasant,
her spells are a sight

Oromis so strong,
his axe and wit sharp
Eclipse so gracious,
heals and fights with her heart

Luna so beautiful,
she’s loyal and true
Nine so intelligent,
learning daily anew

Hebo so small,
he seeks the best deeds
Spoink so fast,
the envy of all steeds

The battle plan cunning,
Each using their strengths
Attacking at first light
To make Renshato quake

Some fire, an arrow,
a swipe of an axe,
cannons shooting, strong spells,
fast running with dash

With a flourish and flurry
A dragon body fell from the sky
Goodbye Renshato,
It’s your turn to cry.