The Quest for Calatia

Adventure! Excitement! Wonder! What awaits an intrepid band of mercenaries in the cold, frigid country of Calatia, far to the north of Hyrule? This Legend of Zelda-themed game takes you to where rumors tell us is the birthplace of the Hero of Time. But there are some forces at work that are seeking to disrupt Calatia. A strange group of masked assailants and roving bands of Bokoblins are lurking around every corner...



Session Title Date
9 The Mysterious Woods Nov 10, 2019
8 The Grave Child Oct 27, 2019
7 Mabel City Cistern Sep 28, 2019
6 Where Do We Go Now? Sep 15, 2019
5 The Downrigger Aug 25, 2019
4 Tail Cave Aug 18, 2019
3 Darkness in Mabel Village Aug 04, 2019
2 The Southern Lighthouse Jul 07, 2019
1 Sailing to Calatia Jun 30, 2019