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Image of Zedeki
  • Race: Rito
  • Class: Arcane Archer Fighter
  • Equipment: Long Bow, Sacred Bow, Scimitar

Zedeki is a hired mercenary, originally contracted with the merchant ship Nayru's Blessing. He is often at odds with the rest of the crew of the ship, especially the dark fairy Il and Zima, another Rito archer. Zedeki spends much of his time running simple errands for the ship. In his down time he fiddles with a Sacred Rito Bow, an inheritance given to him by his grandfather. Zedeki is a very accomplished archer, able to channel magic into his arrows. But despite this, he can never seem to land a shot with the sacred bow. The arrows always miss, and the few times they manage to hit, Zedeki suffers intense pain. Nevertheless, he is content with his work, so long as the captain is able to pay.


Zedeki Namika Ophinia Gongu Whisper