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Image of Oromis
  • Race: Mountain Dwarf
  • Class: Battlerager Barbarian
  • Equipment: Great Axe, Javelins

Oromis is a mountain dwarf with little to hide. He is exactly what you would expect from one of his kind: incredibly brave and severely strong. Oromis carries with him a number of weapons, including a great axe, a handful of throwing axes, and three javelins. His armor, which he wears constantly, is covered in spikes and hooks. He previously worked for Exatorus, a dragonborn wizard.

Outwardly, Oromis is a fearsome creature and likely to cause panic in town. Inwardly, I suspect he is a very kind person. Younger than most of his kind that I have personally met, Oromis is seemingly eager to help his friends and please his master. I note that he is significantly underpaid for his work, though the dwarf has never complained. Oromis is a quiet dwarf. I asked him why he is so much quieter than his boisterous brethren and he responded, "I let my axe do the talkin'."

Oromis does not say much about his past. There are few other dwarves in the region, leading me to believe he is an immigrant to this area. He is unlearned, so he uses his weapons and battle prowess as hired muscle. He has found purpose in his employment, so as long as he has mead in his mug, he is happy. When he is not happy, my constructed emotions tell me to fear him lest I find myself in the path of his rage.