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Number Nine

Image of Number Nine
  • Race: Warforged
  • Class: Artificer
  • Equipment: Thunder Cannon, Daggers

I am Number Nine. I have no other name because no other name was ever given to me. I am Warforged, a soul created by powerful magic and encased in a body of metal instead of flesh and wire insted of sinew. My creators built me to conquer and protect, but I have not heard command from them as long as I can remember. My brothers and I failed in our mission and we were hunted for the failure.

Since then, I have long sought purpose. Those around me are fearful of my presence. I believe this is because I am so unlike them, being fully artificial with no real allegiance. I also believe they fear me because of the large thunder cannon I keep with me. Admittedly, I may use this to intimidate those that would impede my journey. The thunder cannon is a means to an end, whatever end that may be.

Because I am Warforged, few people trust me or even speak to me. I have chosen to dedicate myself to discovery and knowledge, choosing willfully to ignore my past. One mission, however, is still engraved in my mind and is as clear as daylight: Zero must be destroyed.