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Image of Hebo
  • Race: Goblin
  • Class: Bard, College of Charity
  • Equipment: Crossbow, Musical Instruments
Yeah, um... hi, I am called Hebo? Yeah, so, Hebo, me, is a goblin? See my ears? Hebo has a best friend, Spoink. Spoink is pig, Spoink is trusty steed. Hebo loves music. The harmonica, the drums, the concertina, the foot cymbals. Yeah.
Um, Hebo loves sweets but mostly chocolate. Yeah, chocolate is the best. Hebo was found as a baby by Farmer. Farmer was nice to Hebo. Only beat Hebo when Hebo did bad? Hebo loves animals and helps Farmer with animals. Hebo has his own room in Farmer's house. Very nice? Hebo sleeps next to pantry and keeps cool in summer? Hebo doesn't know where Hebo comes from? Nope. Yeah? Nope.
The world is big to Hebo and Hebo tries to be brave. Um... Yeah?

As he said, Hebo is a goblin. Hebo is a very talented bard, actually. He is able to distract or knock out our foes in his own unique way using nothing but his voice. The others in our little group seem to enjoy his music and tales. They agree with me that we are lucky to have him on our side. His voice itself is laced with magic words, such that he can shout and cause enemies to faint and fall, or speak softly and heal wounds without touch.

Because he is the smallest of our group (and possibly the most sympathetic), I feel somewhat responsible for Hebo's well-being and safety. Ezio initially did not trust Hebo, but I think all can agree that Hebo has been an asset to us in battle. Hebo had a brief brush with death in the mountains outside Oakshade, and we have all decided to work harder to keep him safe.