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Image of Eclipse
  • Race: Tabaxi
  • Class: Cleric, Grave Domain
  • Equipment: Staff, Magic

Eclipse is a traveling cleric from some religion I do not know. She came upon our horses and cart while we ventured underground. Eclipse was kind enough to watch over them while our party was away, and offered us food and a place to rest when we eventually returned.

We do not know much about Eclipse apart from this. She is a tabaxi, meaning that Eclipse is only a part of her true name. As a cleric, she is devoted to her religion and is capable of casting spells that can cause healing and restoration. She is usually very quiet, very stealth-like, and we benefit greatly from her presence. Eclipse is very timid and shy, not speaking out too much. But she has been very helpful to the group, especially to Ezio. Ezio often scouts ahead and takes the tabaxi with him for a second set of eyes.

In combat, Eclipse is a surprise. She casts holy magic of some kind, mostly channeling it into her paws. With it, she can heal wounds or inflict them with great proficiency.