Image of Zedeki
  • Race: Rito
  • Class: Fighter 6
  • Martial Archtype: Arcane Archer
  • Equipment: Gale Force, Long Bow, Scimitar

Zedeki is a hired mercenary, originally contracted with the merchant ship Nayru's Blessing. He is often at odds with two members of his crew, the fallen fairy Il and Zima, another Rito archer. Zedeki spends much of his time running simple errands for the ship. In his down time he fiddles with a Sacred Rito Bow, an inheritance given to him by his grandfather. Zedeki is a very accomplished archer, able to channel magic into his arrows. But despite this, he can never seem to land a shot with the sacred bow. The arrows almost always miss, and the few times they manage to hit, Zedeki suffers intense pain. Nevertheless, he is content with his work, so long as the captain is able to pay.


In Calatia, Zedeki has found himself like a ship with no rudder. His employer is dead and he seems to feel without purpose. The only drive he has now is to find out what was the mysterious cargo on Nayru's Blessing and why he and the other mercenaries are being hunted for it. He and the others have signed up to be Sentinels. He has learned that he was chosen by Hylia to save Calatia and that her guidance proteced him from perishing on Nayru's Blessing.

Divine Weapon

Zedeki inherited Gale Force from his grandfather and learned that it passed through his family all the way from the ancient Zora that helped Hylia in her fight against Demise. Gale Force is made with wood from trees that only grow near fairy fountains. At first, Gale Force would cause Zedeki injury if he used it, but its full power has since been restored. Gale Force was originally blessed and became divine due to the influence of the great spirit, Jabun, but has since been taken up by the Wind Fish. It creates its own magical annumition, but never brings mortal injury to unarmed foes. With it, Zedeki can speak to acquatic life, the servants of the Wind Fish.

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