Image of Ophinia
  • Race: Hylian
  • Class: Paladin 5 / Warlock 1
  • Sacred Oath: Oath of the Ancients
  • Otherworldly Patron: The Hexblade
  • Equipment: Hero's Honor, Hylian Shield, Javelins

A Paladin in the service of the church of Hylia, Ophinia is a strong but guarded individual. She largely keeps to herself and finds it difficult to trust new people. Her most trusted companion, however, is gone. Hylia herself speaks to Ophinia and informs her that her companion may return to her if she can find the horse god Malanya, rumored to be somewhere in Calatia. And thus she embarks on a journey to the far north, not knowing what awaits in its frigid lands. Ophinia frequently prays to Hylia for guidance and assistance, channeling divine power into her weapons.


Ophinia's connection to Hylia has become somewhat strained since she sailed to Calatia. Where she used to speak with Hylia whenever possible, now she only feels the influence of the Goddess with her but cannot hear her words. Ophinia has also felt a good presence visiting a shrine to the Caretaker, the god of Calatia. She has learned that she was guided by Hylia to Calatia, not only to meet the horse god but also to save the country from certain disaster.

Divine Weapon

Ophinia's weapon was a common battleaxe that was originally created by a humble blacksmith. It came to the Hero of Time and passed through his lineage until it came to Ophinia. Paraba, the patron god of heroes, put the last of his soul and power into it before he died, creating a new divine weapon called Hero's Honor. Paraba can occasionally speak to Ophinia through Hero's Honor, sometimes giving her guidance and foresight in battle.

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