Number Nine

Image of Number Nine
  • Race: Warforged
  • Class: Artificer 5 / Cleric 1
  • Specialty: Arcane Gunsmith
  • Divine Domain: Forge Domain
  • Equipment: Thunder Cannon, Daggers, Masterwork Eye
  • Magic Aura: Silver

Number Nine was the name assigned to me by my ancient masters over 300 years ago. I am Warforged, a being created by engineers to go to war. I was made to conquer and protect, but my brothers and I failed in our mission. I have not heard command from my masters in centuries. Because of our failure, we are all on the run. I suspect only a few of us remain as my masters have sent others to hunt us down.

I traveled together with my brother, Number Eight, until we were attacked. I drove our attacker away but not before Number Eight perished. I have since traveled alone, praticing engineering magic on my own. I have dedicated my life to discovery and knowledge, choosing willingly to forget my past. My old sword lies rusting in some field, replaced by my Thunder Cannon. Now, in the Wonderbringer's service, I may find meaning.

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