Namika Rah

Image of Namika
  • Race: Sheikah
  • Class: Rogue 6
  • Roguish Archtype: Ninja (FFIX)
  • Equipment: Masamune, Shurikens, Rapier, Long Bow

Namika is a scholar at heart, constantly buried in scrolls and books. She has been wanting to study Sheikah history above all other subjects, but finds herself unable to advance her knowledge in Hyrule because most relics have already been unearthed and studied. She hears rumors that Calatia may have been visited by ancient Sheikah and may have other relics or treasures to encounter. Though she is a scholar, she is proficient in her long bow and is very capable of defending herself and those around her from any threat.


Namika has since learned that the Sheikah have a long history with Calatia, possibly having been the original builders of the country. There are many Sheikah relics to the far north that she cannot wait to explore. Nami has also learned that there are certain doors in Calatia that will only open to a Sheikah. In one particular Sheikah shrine, she acquired an ancient katana, a weapon somehow meant for her. She has learned that she was chosen by Hylia to protect and save Calatia and is the next pilot for Divine Beast Vah Sarias, the machine that originally defeated Majora a thousand years ago.

Divine Weapon

Nami's divine weapon is Masamune, an ancient katana made by the Sheikah of old. It was created to be used as a key to pilot Vah Sarias, and was blessed and charged with divine power by Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom. It is remarkably balanced and has a faint blue tinge to the blade. Nami received Masamune from its former bearer, the shaman Tutsuwa Nima, after defeating him in combat. Masamune gives Nami the ability to read and decipher ancient Calatian runes.

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