Image of Gongu
  • Race: Goron
  • Class: Ranger 6
  • Ranger Archtype: Beastmaster (UA)
  • Equipment: Stonebreaker, Short Sword

Small for a Goron, Gongu is an enigma amongst his brothers. He cares little for hammers and smashing weapons, preferring his long bow. Gongu spent much of his childhood roaming and adventuring on his own. He spends much of his time with his wolf companion, Whisper, a strange beast that never seems to make any noise. Gongu has learned the ability to speak with his companion, a gift from the goddess Hylia. They travel to Calatia to "find meaning." This is eventually revealed that his true purpose was to run away from his father, Torondo. Much later, Torondo and Gongu reconcile. Not surprising for a Goron, Gongu cannot swim and has a fear of water.


Gongu has chosen to stay with the rest of the mercenaries and form a traveling party. This provides him and Whisper some protection from the masked people who seek to silence them. Gongu has also learned that the Ice Gorons of the far north used to keep wolf companions like he does, and created special totems to give them power. He has learned that Hylia guided Gongu and Whisper to Calatia to protect and save it from the destructive forces of Majora, the Cruel God.

Divine Weapon

Gongu's weapon, called Stonebreaker, is a longbow of metal, wood, and stone. It is enormously heavy. It was originally crafted by the Golden Goddesses for the Ice Gorons, the original settlers of Calatia, and has been divinely charged by Farore, the Goddess of Courage. Stonebreaker can only be used by one bearer at a time. When the bow must pass on to someone new, the new bearer's name magically appears on its grip. Stonebreaker's magic allows Gongu to move through the wilderness without ever leaving footprints.

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