The Quest for Calatia

Adventure! Excitement! Wonder! What awaits in the cold, frigid region of Calatia to the far north? The Hylians so seldom travel to Calatia that many of them have forgotten it entirely. But history tells us that the Hero of Time had once been from this land. What other secrets does it offer?


  1. Supporting Characters
  2. Lore and Information
  3. Calatia Maps
  4. Sessions


Session 6: Where Do We Go Now? Sep 15, 2019
Session 5: The Downrigger Aug 25, 2019
Session 4: Tail Cave Aug 18, 2019
Session 3: Darkness in Mabel Village Aug 04, 2019
Session 2: The Southern Lighthouse Jul 07, 2019
Session 1: Sailing to Calatia Jun 30, 2019