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Father and Son

Quest for Calatia Session 18
July 14, 2020

Torondo, chief of the Goron City in Hyrule and Gongu’s father, let out a guttural shout in his native tongue. Only Gongu could understand his cry of “Traitor!”, and he immediately backed away. He armed himself with Stonebreaker and let fly two arrows to stop his father’s advance. Gongu could remember the last time Torondo was like this and would not allow that to happen again. Whisper jumped in front of Gongu, baring his teeth and crouching low.

Zedeki, Ophinia, Namika, and Zima drew their weapons and stood their ground. Zedeki, his combatant instincts kicking in, immediately fired a magical arrow from Galeforce to stop Torondo’s charge, causing the mad goron to vanish for a small moment in time. Ophinia called out to Torondo’s two guards but they answered in their harsh language, not comprehending. Drawing herself up, Ophinia summoned Hero’s Honor and charged, backed up by a quick mudra from Nami. The two goron guards, seeing the chief get attacked, drew crossbows and fired. One aimed for Zedeki, but he dodged by hiding on the roof of his house. The other bolt struck Zima in the shoulder, toppling her. Gongu stood by her, coving her from further attack.

The goron guards cried out, “What? The traitor is Gongu?”

Ophinia faced off against Torondo, but the mad goron looked at her with clouded eyes. It was as if he didn’t really see her. Instead, he turned his gaze to Whisper. With two heavy swings of his great hammer, Savage Crusher, Whisper was defeated and dying. Still ignoring Ophinia, Torondo charged to Gongu next.

The guards cried out again, “Boss, no! That’s your son!”

“Kill the traitor!” roared Torondo, raising Savage Crusher again.

But Gongu was too quick. He spun, avoiding the attack, and took a heavy swing with Stonebreaker. The bow clubbed Torondo in the side of the head and sent him sprawing backwards. With deft hands, Gongu loaded an arrow and fired at his father, lodging the ammunition into his stomach. Torondo staggered back, spat blood, and fell down.

“Tie him!” shouted Zedeki, swooping down from his perch on one of the houses. He and Gongu bound Torondo’s wounds before Gongu cast a spell of healing on his father. The two goron guards at the entrance of the House of Sentinels stood still, their mouths agape, not moving. They held heavy crossbows in their hands, but the weapons were unloaded and hung loosely in their hands. Ophinia rushed over to Whisper and healed him with Hylia’s magic. The anima stood up and shook off the blood from his fur before returning to Gongu’s side.

Gongu explained to the others. Torondo was his father. For most of his life, Gongu remembers Torondo being strict and gruff, but in the last few months he was downright cruel. Their last meeting was almost half a year ago when Torondo attempted to kill Whisper and banished Gongu from the Goron City. In his vision back in Mabel Village, he had seen Torondo angered and coming to Calatia.

Torondo began to mutter as consciousness came to him. “Gongu? Wh… where am I? What happened here?” he said, weakly. He looked at the javelin wound in Gongu’s side. “Who hurt you? Who hurt my son?!”

Before anyone could answer, the loud sound of metal footsteps came into the House of Sentinels. A large, perhaps seven-foot tall figure dressed from head to toe in heavy silver and gold armor strode in, wearing an enormous axe in a black and blue strap over his back. On his left arm was a blue band that bore an embroidered symbol of the Triforce of Courage. He was one of the Courageous. Behind him came a dozen other members of the courageous, though they were not as armed as he.

When the armored man came in, he looked at the two gorons with the crossbows. “Arrest them,” he ordered, his voice strangely soft despite his imposing stature. The Courageous behind him complied, placing fetters on the gorons’ hands and immediately leading them away.

The armored man strode forward towards Gongu and Torondo. Ophinia stepped in front of him. “This is the House of Sentinels and this is sentinel business. Stop-”

He raised his hand. “You have jurisdiction in the House, yes,” he said, his voice still very small and, in a strange way, kind. “But this goron killed perhaps twelve people on his way to your House. He is under arrest by order of the Crown. The Courageous will take him. Please, stand aside.”

To the sentinels’ surprise, the armored man lifted the heavy Torondo with one arm and began dragging him out of the House of Sentinels. Gongu stepped forward. “That’s my father,” he said. “Please, I need to speak to him.”

The man did not stop dragging Torondo away. “You can speak with him at Fort Skywatch. But you had best hurry, we assign punishment without delay.”


The sentinels waited until the noise had died down. Passersby were gawking at the House of Sentinels. Torondo’s rampage had broken the doors at the entrance and the entryway was a mess. Aruh, the gerudo girl in charge, was scared and left in a huff. After a short while, the gathered crowd disappeared and the sentinels were left in peace again.

Zima immediately went to casting alarm spells on the entrance of the House of Sentinels while the others talked. Gongu needed to speak to his father. The confusion in Torondo’s voice was unmistakable. Ophinia and Namika decided to go with him, all using various disguises. Zedeki opted to stay with Zima again as they, being some of the very few Rito in Chorus of Angels, would stand out and be too obvious. Whisper, still hurt from Torondo’s attacks, would stay behind.

When the others left, Zedeki saw to Zima’s injuries. The bolt had been close to fatal, but she insisted she was fine. Zima continued to cast protection spells over the House. Zedeki saw some of the Courageous enter the House, cleaning up the entryway and fixing the door. He helped them for a moment before Ophinia contacted him with a message from the Kinstone. “Torondo was possessed. Don’t worry, I fixed it. But there’s another acheman somewhere around here now.”


Gongu, Ophinia, and Namika disguised themselves as they traveled to Fort Skywatch. While they moved through the city, they could see the evidence of Torondo’s rampage. It seemed that everywhere he went, he wildly swung his hammer, breaking anything in his path. This apparently included people.

Fort Skywatch stood on a large hill just outside the city wall. It was a large stone castle, perhaps great once upon a time but now covered in cracks and vines. An unpleasant woman at a reception desk told them that the General – the man in the heavy armor suit – was out at the moment but would be returning sometime later. If the sentinels wanted to speak to Torondo and the other gorons, they’d need to check their weapons first. To Nami’s delight, the Courageous officer in charge of weapons was a sheikah scholar like her. He locked their weapons away with great care, but took special care for her Masamune.

Ophinia could sense a dark and evil presence emanating from Torondo’s jail cell before they could even see it. The group decided to leave Nami outside to watch their backs while Ophinia assisted Gongu in the jail.

They found Torondo behind heavy bars, flanked by his guards. Torondo rushed to the bars to speak with Gongu, apologizing. His guards, Noka and Ruzem, told him what happened, and Torondo explained it to Gongu.

Months ago, he and the city had received word that masked cultists had gathered in the Kokiri Forest near Eldin in Hyrule. They were looking for the Kokiri’s Emerald, a strange relic of some magical significance. The gorons armed themselves to defend the forest, but Torondo doesn’t remember the outcome of the battle. He remembers a figure attacking him. The next thing he knew, he was in Calatia, bound and bleeding, looked down upon by his son Gongu.

Then, something happened. Torondo’s eyes clouded and went dark. “Boys, hold me back. It’s… happening again. I… I think I’m going to try to kill my son…”

Noka and Ruzem grappled Torondo, pinning him down as he began convulsing, shouting, “Traitor! Kill the traitor!” He was beginning to break free of his guards.

Gongu stepped back, horrified. “He’s possessed?”

Ophinia steppe to the bars of the cell and raised her hand. “In the name of Hylia, leave his goron alone. I command it!” Around her hand, Ophinia could briefly see the faint forms of Hylia and Paraba with her.

The spell knocked Torondo backwards. He slammed into the wall and coughed. “Where is it?” he bellowed. “Where is that thing?!” Noka and Ruzem backed away from Torondo, confused. Torondo looked to Gongu. “Did you see it? It’s not in me anymore.”

Torondo traced in the dust of his jail cell the shape of a demon with wings. An acheman.

“Billimug,” murmured Ophinia. “But how-”

“The demon,” said Torondo. “This thing is what attacked me in the forest in Hyrule. A blue demon with yellow eyes.”

“Not Billimug, then,” said Gongu. Billimug was red.

Ophinia and Nami had the receptionist call for the General to return, eager to tell him that Torondo was being controlled. The General returned as fast as he could, coming from Castle Calatia. The sentinels explained what they had learned and that Ophinia had cast out the demon from Torondo.

“I’ll do my own interrogation, then,” said the General. “It is still the law. But I prefer to interrogate alone.”

“Let me stay,” said Gongu. “He’s my father.”

“Do as you will,” replied the General. “But I will be casting a spell of truth. I will want to know everything. I mean everything. Do not resist the spell.”

Ophinia and Namika waited outside the cell, trying to listen through the thick wooden door. But they could only hear the General say, “Get out, or I’ll kill you where you stand.” Ophinia rushed in and saw the General wielding his axe, poised to strike Gongu. “He resisted the spell,” explained the General, his voice still soft. “You Sentinels have secrets, I am sure. But there will be no secrets in an interrogation. Leave the room.”

Ophinia ushered Gongu out. An hour of questioning took place before the General left the room. “It is as you say,” he announced. “Torondo, Chief of Goron City, was possessed and his mind was not his own. But he still did crime in Calatia and that must be upheld.”

“What is to happen to him?” asked Gongu.

“For now, nothing,” said the General. “He is Hyrulean, so he will be sent home and will be subject to their punishments. A ship going to Hyrule will be departing in perhaps a month from now. We’ll send him home in irons.”

The sentinels thanked the General for the interrogation. Torondo would go home. No further punishment would happen to him here in Calatia!

When the General had finished, he led Ophinia and Nami away. Gongu wanted to stay and speak to his father. They talked for another hour. Gongu told him of his journey to Calatia (leaving out details of the mission from Hylia), and Torondo hung on his every word. For the first time that Gongu could remember, his father seemed happy. Pleased to see him, anxious to hear his stories of adventure in this cold world, and how he fared with the pup, Whisper. Torondo begged Gongu’s forgiveness for his barbarism towards Whisper. They parted ways, friends again. Father and son.

Ophinia asked the General if there was more the House of Sentinels could do to help the Courageous. The General laughed merrily and told her that the Courageous prepare the way for the Hero of Time. Anything that works towards that goal is deemed helpful. The General apologized for his gruff demeanor earlier at the House, too. As he had a Kinstone, he synced his with Gongu’s, Nami’s, and Ophinia’s before they departed.


Gongu returned to the House of Sentinels, keen on seeing Whisper again. Ophinia and Nami set up a teleportation anchor at Miko’s House with Farore’s Wind, then set out to the Servant’s Village to visit a Shrine of Hylia that Zedeki mentioned. The shrine was old and abandoned for centuries. Inside, they found a singular statue of Hylia, cankered with dust, vines, and decay.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” said Paraba, his outline appearing beside Ophinia as she looked on.

“She is,” agreed Ophinia.

“I miss her.”

“So do I.”

Ophinia and Nami set to cleaning the statue, reverencing the goddess. As they did, they found a small pewter plaque in the rubble that read, “My handmaiden resides on Fable Mountain. Serve her that you may serve me.”

Ophinia and Nami reported this to Zedeki, Gongu, and Zima back at the House of Sentinels. Keeping to her promise of not going anywhere without them, Zima offered to stay in Chorus and continue scouting for information on the cultists in the catacombs while the sentinels traveled to Fable Mountain. The mountain, she knew, was a solitary mountain only a couple days away. Zima’s prosthetic leg would be ready by the time the sentinels returned. Once they finished the service of Hylia’s handmaiden on Fable Mountain, they would work together to enter the catacombs and see to the destruction of the Cult of the Cruel God.

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