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Zedeki and Zima

Quest for Calatia Session 17
July 5, 2020

The city of Chorus of Angels was bustling and loud as ever when the sentinels arrived just as the sun began to set. Zedeki explained the city layout to each of them, having been to Chorus many times with Captain Miko and his crew. Knowing Namika’s penchant for research and reading, he pointed out Her Majesty’s Library. Ophinia wanted to go with her. Zedeki intended on going to Miko’s Trading Company in the Wharf District, hoping to find some information on the shipments and to inform the Wharfmaster of the sinking of Nayru’s Blessing.

It was all Ophinia could do to keep up with Nami. The sheikah scholar darted through the library, awed by the sheer size of it and the countless sea of books on shelves as high as the ceiling of the three-floor castle-like library. An old gerudo librarian approached them, offering assistance if necessary. She showed them the different catalogs of books and how to find information.

Ophinia, pious and devoted as she was, found the section on religion. There were many books with information about the Caretaker, his church, and the locations of the temples in Kanalet, Oldtown, and Chorus. Ophinia was surprised to find a small tome on Hylia, though it looked dusty and untouched for many years. As she read through it, she found a few things that were blatantly wrong, such as the order of ceremonies and the incorrect spellings of paladinish oaths. Ophinia also found a very small book, no more than twenty pages, on the religion of Paraba. Paraba’s presence came to Ophinia as she read it, annoyed that his book was so small and full of errors.

While the librarian gave Namika the tour of the library, Nami couldn’t help but notice a small shelf with more sealed books. The librarian told her that most of them were written by a sheikah historian named Raqa, though the dates of their publications are hotly debated amongst the scholars. Some books appeared to be written hundreds of years ago, and the most recent book in the collection could not have been more than a hundred years itself. Nami asked about the seals, and the librarian demonstrated opening a book’s seal with a magical ring.

As the librarian did this, Nami saw a golden hair on her head turn gray. The librarian informed her that Raqa put certain enchantments on the seals. If the book was still fully magical, it would cost the opener of the book a year of his or her life. But the books in the library were lacking their magic now, so opening a seal would take minutes to a few hours off her life. She found it inconsequential, but this horrified Nami. Nami produced the Book of Raqa that she had acquired, wondering about unsealing it. The librarian offered to purchase it, or unseal it at the cost of 250 rupees. Nami asked to think about it, eager to talk with her companions on the subject. The librarian promised it would be worth her time as Nami’s book still seemed to contain a lot of magic.

Zedeki led Gongu and Whisper to the Wharf District and to Miko’s Trading Company, a small, single-room office that the captain would use when docked in Calatia. Gongu read the sign on the front, “Closed, see the Wharfmaster for details or alternative shipping companies.” But Zedeki saw the words differently. “Zedeki, meet me at Miko’s house.” He instantly recognized the handwriting as Zima’s. Zima, the leader of the night watch on Nayru’s Blessing, was still alive!

“It may be a trap,” said Zedeki. “She was acting very strange just before the attack.” The two of them agreed to wait until they could meet with the others before investigating the captain’s house.

The sentinels all met together in the House of Sentinels, occupied by no one but the keeper, a young gerudo girl named Aruh. She ordered food for them and showed them to their rooms in the House. The sentinels discussed the matter at hand and decided to investigate Miko’s house on the off chance that whoever was trying to contact Zedeki may come after them if they don’t meet them first.

Gongu cast a spell on everyone to let them sneak easier through the city. At Miko’s house, Zedeki had Nami open the locks on the doors. The guest house looked like it had been slept in, but not recently. There were singed pink feathers on the floor, matching the plumage of Zima. In the main house, Zedeki readied himself for a fight, but saw a pitiful sight instead.

Zima came down the stairs, struggling on the crutch in her right wing. Her right left was missing, with only a wrapped stump near her hip. Her entire right side was scorched, her feathers blackened. With a wave of her hand, she lit the hearth in the center of the room and settled into a chair. Her voice was hoarse, barely an audible whisper as she tried to speak to Zedeki and the others.

Zima told her story. When she was young, her father sent her from the Rito Villages of Hyrule to Calatia with her aunt. Zima spent her time sneaking and stealthing through the city until she was found by the Cult of Cruel. Though she did not believe in their ways, she joined them as it seemed like something to occupy her time. They taught her magic, intending on making her a soldier. But when one of her tasks had failed, Zima’s family was slaughtered. Zima ran away and was found Miko. Miko gave her a place on his ship, and became a father figure to her.

Ten years later, she felt a strange portent on Nayru’s Blessing. Something was wrong, but she couldn’t describe it. The Cult of Cruel attacked, stealing the Kokiri’s Emerald and murdering the crew. Miko’s bomb threw the already injured Zima into the sea. She tried to call to Zedeki, but had lost her voice and hearing. Fishermen from Oldtown found her adrift in the wreckage. Zima lost her leg and the ability to fly, but she gained a new resolve: the Cult of Cruel must be destroyed.

Zedeki and the others did not feel safe around her, especially since she had admitted to being a member of the cult at one point. As a way of showing her allegiances, Zima told them where the cult could be found. She spied a few of the masked members entering the catacombs below the city. Once her prosthetic leg is finished, Zima plans on going to the catacombs and killing everyone she finds. Zima also gave Zedeki the key to Miko’s House. He had a will in his office, giving the house to Zedeki and Zima to share, thinking of the two of them as siblings.

The sentinels did not feel safe in Miko’s House, and instead returned to the House of Sentinels as it had a stone wall around it. For now, Miko’s House would be a good place to store their items and set up a base. Ophinia helped Zima to the House of Sentinels, letting the injured Rito wizard rest in her room.

In the morning, the sentinels separated again, eager to begin completing a few tasks before deciding what to do. They had a few options now. In a week, Zima wanted to go to the catacombs and wipe out the cultists. Gongu reminded everyone that they needed the keys from the eastern and western lighthouses still, and that the western lighthouse was only a ship’s voyage away. Perhaps the sentinels could acquire that key and return to help Zima when they were finished.

Zedeki stayed with Zima while the others went out to make their purchases. To his surprise, she told him everything she could think of. For years, the two of them had always been at odds. Zima was completely honest with him that she was so angry at him because she was jealous. Zedeki had a good life, friends who cared for him, a family that loved him. Zima had none of that and found herself in a self-proclaimed competition with him. Zima explained her reasons for being in the cult, for wanting to find people that would care about her. But the cult was a lie and Majora cared for nothing but his own desires. Zedeki began to notice that Zima seemed to feel safe around him, the wild fear in her eyes gone from the previous night. He asked her to promise to not enter the catacombs without them, even if her new leg was finished before they returned. To his surprise, she agreed. “I won’t go without you,” she said.

Nami returned to the library and purchased the book-unsealing service from the librarian. The librarian ran her glass ring along the book’s seal. As she did so, a lock of her hair turned stark white. The librarian, seeing Nami’s shock, just laughed. She explained that she was happy to do this service. The book was full of magical potential. Reading through it, Nami learned that it contained a few magical spells given to Raqa as gifts from the Three Golden Goddesses themselves.

Gongu and Ophinia went to a few of the shops to see about buying supplies for their next journey. Elyn of Elyn’s Blades and Armory had some magical arrow ammunition to sell, but did not have any bombs or bomb arrows in stock at the time. Ophinia used her sentinel money to purchase some newer armor. Elyn offered to have the armor fitted for her, but that it would not be ready until tomorrow morning. At The Immoral Fool, Mortimus, a stout old Ice Goron offered various magical items and was willing to make trades if necessary.

The sentinels gathered back at the House of Sentinels by the afternoon. They decided to wait another day before making any major plans, especially because Ophinia’s armor would not be ready yet. Gongu and Ophinia spared with swords in the courtyard of the House while Nami and Zedeki read some books with the downtime. Zima nursed her burns with some balms that Ophinia purchased for her.

All seemed peaceful for a while until a heavy stone javelin flew through the air and stabbed into Gongu’s side. Three goron warriors stood at the entrance of the House of Sentinels, having shoved Aruh aside.

Their leader was Torondo, Gongu’s Father. He was covered in thick iron plates and wielding the Savage Crusher, his signature club of iron and stone. His eyes glowed red as he stormed forward, completely consumed by rage.

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