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Quest for Calatia Session 16
April 5, 2020

The form of the Kokiri child had vanished, leaving behind just a puff of dust and smoke. Il, the fallen fairy, was dumbstruck. No one moved or breathed, letting him have a moment. After a while, he said in his usual monotone voice, “I think I’ll go lie down for a bit.”

General Vartia, the Gerudo Head of the House of Sentinels, approached the group and asked what had happened. They explained the details of the fight. Shadow children had attacked, but they were easily defeated without much trouble. Disturbed, Vartia commanded her soldiers to work through the night to secure the Knight’s Academy. She thanked the sentinels for their assistance in defending the academy.

In the morning, the group asked Vartia about the future of the academy. She said that reinforcements would be arriving from Chorus of Angels either tonight or tomorrow morning, and requested that they stay and help protect it in case more shadow children appear.

Zedeki kept his watch throughout the day looking over the Gulf of Calatia. With his sharp eyes, he saw various ships sailing to and from the north. The capital was up there, he remembered. These were merchant ships. There was no sign of anything out of the House of Pirates.

Ophinia spent the morning speaking with Paraba, the god of heroes, through Hero’s Honor. He gave her visions of the newfound power she had, having made her pact with him. Ophinia raises her axe and, at Paraba’s instruction, learns to cast a blasting spell. She aims it at a tree, striking hard at its branches.

Gongu practiced his swordplay with the warriors of the Knight’s Academy for a while before sitting down with them and playing a few games of cards. Ophinia eventually joined him. Gongu ended up walking away from the game with some extra money in his pockets.

Namika received a vision from Nayru, challenging her knowledge of wisdom. “Is it wise to break into a sealed room and steal a rare relic, even if that rare relic will aid you in your quest?” Nami spoke to Zedeki about this and he got Vartia’s permission to enter the Quartermaster’s locked house on the condition that they leave everything there that they may find. Instead, Nami hearkened to Nayru’s instruction and found a few magical items that would help them. One thing they found was another sealed book, though its seal was broken. A label was affixed to its spine: “Property of Her Majesty’s Library, Chorus of Angels”. They did not tell Vartia about this.

As the day wore on and night finally came, the sentinels found themselves tired. They thought to settle down to sleep for the night when Gongu saw a red shooting star over the sky. As Farore had previously told Gongu, this was a sign of forewarning. The shooting star streaked over the fields beyond the Knight’s Academy. The reinforcements from Chorus – a group of about 100 soldiers – were there! And they were being attacked from the air by a large, black, snakelike creature wreathed in smoke. A leviathan.

Vartia sounded an alarm and had her soldiers follow her across the fields to protect the reinforcements. She asked the sentinels to guard the Academy in case something were to happen. But as she left, the sentinels all had a feeling about the leviathan. Something was wrong with it. Each of their weapons buzzed in their hands, eager to take action and strike.

Zedeki fired first. Galeforce launched a magical arrow, striking into the side of the leviathan. It recoiled and shrieked. The sentinels saw something strange happen to it. It appeared to be wrapped in a silvery chain, connected to Galeforce. Zedeki tugged on his bow and the leviathan was pulled towards him. “It’s coming this way!” he called.

Ophinia fired next, aiming Hero’s Honor forward and summoning Paraba’s magic. A bright flash of light shot out, striking the leviathan. It became wrapped in a second chain, now extending from Ophinia’s divine weapon. Gongu fired, too, from Stonebreaker. The same happened. The leviathan now sped towards them, violently thrashing against the spectral chains that bound it.

The sentinels forced it to land and Nami darted forward. She slashed with Masamune, tearing through its flesh. A silver chain from Masamune wrapped around the leviathan, too. But after a moment, all of the chains shattered. The smoke around the creature vanished. Suddenly defenseless, the leviathan raged, slashing at the buildings, twisting its tail to crush its enemies, and breathing a horrid black breath at Zedeki.

It did not matter. The sentinels would emerge victorious. As the leviathan was beaten back, it spawned shadow children to attack the sentinels, but those were defeated without issue. One final arrow from Stonebreaker brought the leviathan to its demise. When the arrow struck it, the leviathan froze, completely motionless and soundless. Its body hardened like a stone before shattering into a thousand pieces. And from the crumbled pieces of the fearsome beast came a soft cry.

The sentinels dug out a small child. She was a Kokiri! But unlike the shadow children, this Kokiri did not disappear. The girl immediately crawled away, scared, before the sentinels were able to calm her. She was Dilly, a Kokiri posing as a Hylian child from Kanalet. When asked about how she became a shadow leviathan, Dilly explained as best as she could.

She was living with a nice family in Kanalet when a red demon captured her. It had what she remembered was the Kokiri’s Emerald and used it to cast a spell on her. As a Fallen Kokiri with no fairy, her dreams were always wracked with nightmares of her lost friends. When the spell was cast on her, her dreams became manifest. She became a nightmare leviathan and would shed nightmarish versions of her friends. One of which, Il realized, was Mia.

Dilly and Il exchanged kind words to each other before Il promised to take Dilly back to Kanalet and keep her safe. In the morning, the sentinels parted ways with Il. He and Dilly left for Kanalet. Zedeki noticed a certain new resolve in Il’s demeanor, despite Il having only half his soul. He seemed determined, braver.

The sentinels took their leave of the Knight’s Academy and journeyed north, arriving in Chorus of Angels, the capital of Calatia, by nightfall.

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