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The Fallen Fairy

Quest for Calatia Session 15
March 22, 2020

The sentinels crossed the bridge to Brynn’s Tower, seeing an ornate and gaudy golden throne with a steel cage next to it. The dull purple glow of Il came from the cage, but Il was not moving or making any sound. Gongu and Zedeki stepped inside and looked around, but there was no sign of Brynn, Carrock, or any other pirates. Apart from Il, there was nothing else in the tower.

Ophinia, still bleeding, helped Namika set up the entire supply of bombs they purchased in Kanalet on the bridge. They stepped back and Nami helped Ophinia into the tower. Zedeki came out and flew down to the water below the tower. He whispered to the sea life and a group of fish gathered.

They answered, “We are servants of the Wind Fish, and we serve his chosen! What is your command, Zedeki?”

Zedeki thought for a moment, looking around. The house was in an uproar, but no one had yet approached the door to the main tower. He could hear the pirates inside passing through, shouting at each other. “We need an escape,” he said. “Can you find us a boat or canoe?”

“Of course!” cried the fish before disappearing below the waves. Zedeki returned to his allies.

Ophinia grabbed Il’s cage and the weak fairy awoke. “Hey, Ophinia,” he said, weakly. She could see his body was bruised and injured. Next to Il on the table was a key shaped like a lighthouse. Ophinia pocketed the key. Nami, around the corner in Brynn’s room, had found his stash of treasure and a trap door that lead to a room down lower in the tower. It was perhaps a good hiding spot, but not much else.

Gongu guarded the door of Brynn’s Tower while Zedeki lit the fuses on the bomb. Within a moment, the bombs exploded in a resounding crash, removing a section of the bridge. As this happened, the pirates inside the House began taking axes to the door to try to break through to them. Zedeki flew around the tower to find an exit for his allies and discovered a lower part of the wall of the tower with a large crack in it. He fired his only bomb arrow into it, blasting open the wall. Nami and the others inside the tower saw the wall blow open. They gathered everything they could (including a few suits of armor that Brynn had displayed in his room) and headed down.

Right as they arrived, the fish pushed a small canoe over to the tower. Gongu, Whisper, Nami, and Ophinia (still toting Il’s cage) climbed in while Zedeki stayed aloft, watching for enemies. As Gongu and Ophinia began to row back to shore, crossbow bolts whizzed by and stuck into the side of the canoe. Nami and Zedeki spun around and fired arrows at their chasers. Three canoes full of pirates were giving chase, but the arrows from the sentinels knocked out all of their lanterns, plunging the ocean into darkness.

“Keep rowing,” said Zedeki, as quiet as he could. “I’ll try to hold them off.”

The fish helped to push the boat along while Ophinia and Gongu exhausted themselves rowing the boat to shore. Nami picked the lock, allowing Il to escape. Once out of the cage, he began to cast spells of guidance and power to his rescuers as best as he could before collapsing in Nami’s hands. Whisper watched silently, staring towards the shore.

Zedeki took a bottle of oil and splashed it onto two of the chasing canoes, avoid crossbow bolts coming at him. With a quick movement, he launched a pair of fire arrows into each canoe, setting them ablaze. As the pirates continued to chase, trying desperately to put out the flames, Zedeki launched a bottle of ale Nami had found in Brynn’s room. It landed in the third canoe. With a snap of his fingers, Zedeki caused a lick of fire from the nearby burning canoe to jump over the ale. The canoe exploded violently, launching the pirates into the sea.

After a while, the sentinels reached the shore. Gongu helped Ophinia out and Whisper began to look around. Zedeki returned to his allies. They decided they had to get away from the House of Pirates. With a quick spell from Gongu, they all began to sneak through the shores of the Gulf of Calatia.

An hour passed and Ophinia and Il could not keep going. They found a place to rest for the night in a hollowed fallen tree. Il cast a spell and made himself a bed of leaves. Ophinia, Nami, and Zedeki went to sleep first while Gongu and Whisper were on watch. Ophinia suggested that they not light a fire, so they huddled close together to rest.

“The key,” said Il. “Did you get the key?”

“Yes, I have it,” said Ophinia, producing it from her pocket. “What is it?”

“It’s the Key of the Southern Lighthouse,” he replied. “When you guys left, I had a vision from Hylia. Couldn’t hear her, but I could feel her words. She said you guys were chosen, or something. Then I met the god of this place - the Caretaker. He told me that you guys needed to find the keys of the lighthouses in order to get to the Northern Lighthouse.”

“So you came looking for us?” asked Zedeki.

“Yeah,” said Il. “I had to find you, and I figured you would go to Miko’s office or house up in Chorus. But I got caught by the pirates. Brynn didn’t like me much. He wanted to have a fairy in his collection or something. Like a treasure, I guess. But I’m not… not normal. I don’t glow anymore like I used to. So he hit me. Meant to drown me, he said.”

“Why don’t you glow anymore?” asked Nami, already knowing the answer. Il was a “fallen fairy”, though none of them knew what that meant.

“Oh that. I lost my partner. My Kokiri. Her name was Mia.” When Nami asked what happened to Mia, Il replied, “I don’t know. I remember being with her. Then I remember not being with her. I don’t know what happened in between. But my partner is gone so I… I don’t glow anymore.”

With that, Il fell asleep in the foliage. Gongu was extremely tired and left most of the watch to Whisper until he woke Nami to take over. Nami watched the camp while they slept until the sun began to rise over the horizon.

In the morning while they prepared some food and made plans to hike north to the Knight’s Academy, Ophinia asked to speak with Zedeki privately.

“I want to apologize to you, Zedeki,” she started. “I’ve been very wary of you ever since the incident in the prairie a week ago. Back in Hyrule, I was a paladin and member of the calvary. One of our allies had turned against us and led us into an ambush. My friends died. My…. horse. I can speak to animals, kind of like how you can speak to the fish now. My horse was my greatest friend, and because of that betrayal, he died.”

Zedeki, seeing her pause, put an arm on her shoulder. “No, Lady Ophinia, I am the one to apologize. For what I did.”

“I was hard on you after that, Zedeki. I honestly thought that if you were not in the air, I would have sunk my axe into your skull when that happened. But you saved my life back in the House of Pirates. I didn’t trust you, but I think that has passed. I’m very, truly sorry if I’ve been hard on you.”

Zedeki shook his head. “My reaction to Gongu’s joke was wrong and I shouldn’t have done it. He and I spoke and made amends, but I should have made amends with the rest of our party, too. Clear the air, so to speak. Fate put us all together and we should be trustworthy, especially between each other. For my part, I am very appreciative of this talk and for your faith and strength. You carry us, Ophinia, just as each of us carries each other.”

They paused, awkwardly, for a moment before they both began to laugh. “It was a dumb joke, wasn’t it?”

The party decided to travel north to the Knight’s Academy. It would provide more safety from any pursuing pirates than returning to Kanalet. The journey took a few more days until they arrived at the tall stone walls of the castle of the Knight’s Academy. The sentinels found it almost unoccupied, though. Only a small handful of soldiers manned the walls. The wood and iron gate had crude words carved into it: “Keep your castle. I will keep mine. I will not be so benevolent next time. Cross me again, and Chorus will burn.” It was signed by Brynn.

“Who goes there?” called a voice on the walls. A heavy crossbow was aimed in their direction. The sentinels held up their badges and were allowed passage into the Knight’s Academy. They found it almost deserted, counting no more than ten soldiers during a shift change. The night watch crew was climbing up to the walls, lighting torches along the way. The barracks were almost empty. A single figure approached them. A sheikah woman in heavy armor and a pair of swords strapped to her back hailed them and bid them follow her into the large tower at the end of the academy.

She was Vartia, General of Calatia and the Head of the House of Sentinels. When asked about the scantness of the guards in the academy, Vartia explained that Calatia had long been vexed by pirates and they were the cause of the lack of soldiers here. The Courageous, the worshippers of the Hero of Time, created a plan to knock out the House of Pirates from Calatia. The plan was to sail the largest of the Calatian navy’s ships against the House. The plan roughly succeeded but with a high cost of life. When the Knights were honored at Chorus by the Queen, Lord Brynn attacked and slaughtered everyone in the Knight’s Academy. Only a small force of about ten people remain, though reinforcements should be arriving in the next day or two.

The sentinels had their papers fully signed and processed by Vartia. As the Head of the House of Sentinels, she had authority to do so. She offered to give them a list of the other sentinels in Calatia, partially so they would know who they might meet in their travels, but also which of the sentinels were more trustworthy. Vartia asked them if the party wouldn’t mind watching the walls during the night watch while her more exhausted soldiers slept.

During the night, Nami, Il, Gongu, and Whisper offered to assist on the walls while Ophinia and Zedeki rested. The watch was quiet for a few hours until Gongu noticed a strange shadow on the roof of the barracks. Before he could say anything, another shadow sprung up in front of him, slashing him across the chest with dark claws. Nami turned and drew her bow, but another creature slashed at her from the shadows as well.

“Whisper!” cried Gongu. Whisper nodded and let out a guttural howl. The usually silent wolf howled loudly, sending a shiver through everyone. Ophinia and Zedeki awoke with a start and armed themselves. They rushed out of the barracks and were set upon by the shadow creatures. They each got a good look at their attackers. They were humanoid but short and were completely black in color, absorbing the light from the torches around them. Ophinia raised the holy symbol of Hylia and shone a bright light in the area. The creatures hissed and fell back before Gongu put an arrow into the one nearest Ophinia. The shadows melted off of it and Ophinia saw the form of a small child for an instant before its body turned to ash. Zedeki fired a pair of arrows, striking down the second, turning it to ash as well.

The last shadow creature lunged at Il before trying to escape. Whisper and Nami chased it down the stairs of the tower in between the barracks. “I know… I know her….” moaned Il, recognizing the creature.

Nami clubbed the creature in the head to knock it out. The shadow dropped away on it and she saw the figure of a young girl. She stared at Nami for an instant, confused, as her body began to evaporate. She turned around and faced Il.


“M…. Mia?”

The girl collapsed and became dust.

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