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House of Pirates

Quest for Calatia Session 14
March 15, 2020

Soveliss had already departed when the sentinels awoke, but that came as no surprise. She had left some small rations for them to eat before they set out. Ophinia went to take care of My Lady while the others decided to go to the Traveler’s Delight General Store to stock up on supplies. Ophinia spoke with Harit, the owner of the Cracked Corncob tavern and stables, about leaving My Lady for an extended period of time. Harit suggested that Ophinia sign a contract to allow My Lady to work in the fields during harvest time. That way, Ophinia did not have to pay for stabling her horse. Ophinia spoke to My Lady and told her of the situation and that she would return as soon as she could.

Zedeki, Nami, and Gongu (leaving Whisper outside the store) entered the Traveler’s Delight. The young girl managing the store was utterly disinterested in them and left them to look around on their own. While there, Zedeki saw the “Fishing Game” in the back of the store. For an entry fee, a contestant could try to catch a fish and earn a prize. But the fish spoke to him - “The chosen of the Wind Fish! Hello!” - and he opted to play. The largest fish told him that he held the greatest prize and helped Zedeki secure a magical heart. Still disturbed, he returned to his comrades.

Nami found a few bombs to add to her bomb bag while Gongu was eyeing a Calatian shield, emblazoned with the crest of Calatia - a lighthouse with an axe and a spear crossed behind it. Ophinia soon joined them and they made their purchases. As the shop keeper girl was helping them sell their old weapons and wares, the sentinels noticed a man upstairs. He came from a room and saw them. His skin immediately paled and he slunk back into his room, pulling a small copper wire from his pocket.

When the girl took their weapons away to a back room for appraisal and pricing, Gongu told his companions about the wire. “It’s a magic component,” he whispered. “They’re used for magical messages, like our Kinstones sort of.”

“Watch her,” said Ophinia. “I’m going to see the man upstairs.”

She marched up the stairs and listened. The man was speaking, “They’re here. Please don’t make me fight them…”. She knocked on the door. The man cried out, “Go away! I’m busy!” but Ophinia struck the door’s lock with the butt of her axe. It flew open and a blast of fire tore at Ophinia. She shrugged off the heat and stepped forward. The man fell backwards onto a desk behind him, dropping his wand. He began muttering, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…. They made me… They…”

The others had come upstairs and Gongu took the wand out of reach of the man. “Who are you?” demanded Zedeki. As he asked, he saw a familiar mask on the desk. “So, you’re one of those cultists?”

“I…. no… I’m not…” said the man, panicking.

Ophinia lowered her axe and motioned for her companions to lower their weapons, too. “Calm down,” she said, as calm as she could. “What’s your name and why did you shoot me?”

The man sighed and slumped down onto the ground. He was Celadhil, the owner of Traveler’s Delight. He was one of the Cult of the Cruel God, like the others that the sentinels had now seen, but his faith was wavering. Cruel was supposed to bring light and judgement to Calatia and heal it from its darkness while punishing those who did not or would not believe in a better world. But Cruel (as Zedeki explained to Celadhil) was worthy of his name. Celadhil’s wife and children were killed as punishment for his failures. And now, the entire town of Kanalet would be burned if Celadhil could not prove his faith. He told his leader, a figure unknown to him, of the whereabouts of the Hyruleans. Cruel wanted them dead.

In his babbling, Celadhil admitted to being one of the attackers on their ship a month ago. Zedeki stepped fotward to Celadhil. “You helped sink my ship? What was it? What did you take?”

Celadhil thought for a second. “I don’t know it’s real name. But everyone just called it an emerald somehow related to the Children of the Forest. I don’t know what that means or who are the Children of the Forest. But it was the emerald that we stole before we sank the ship.”

The sentinels decided to send Celadhil away from Kanalet. Moving him to Mabel Village with Dax would likely be the safest place. Gongu returned Celadhil’s wand to him and he cast another sending message, informing his leader that the sentinel Hyruleans have gone to the Temple of Paraba. He gathered his supplies and immediately left. As this happened, the Traveler’s Delight would shut down. It seemed that it was a front for Majora’s cult anyway.

As they left, the sentinels saw a group of people moving into the town. They dressed in green and gray coats and cloaks with a large ‘C’ emblem on their chests. They were the Courageous, the worshippers of the Hero of Time. Nobira, their traveling companion in the woods, was with them. The Courageous, she had once said, were the people who were going to prepare the way for the rebirth of the Hero in Calatia, and it was their mission to support him as much as possible. The sentinels left as the Courageous came into town, greeted by salutations from those that knew of them.

The sentinels departed from Kanalet, leaving My Lady in the care of Harit and the farmers of the town. Their travels over the Lellow Prairie were uneventful for the five day journey to the House of Pirates. They passed various farms and people, each waving happily and bundling themselves up for the oncoming cold season. At night, they camped with bonfires surrounding them, keeping them warm and keeping any stray shadow monsters at bay. The weather went from cool to cold many times as the days passed. It wasn’t long before the adventurers came to the Gulf of Calatia, just as the sun was setting. Ahead of them was a small sea shanty and a nearby small ship. Up the coast was the fortress on the water with monstrous spotlights gazing endlessly around. The House of Pirates was in view.

Namika and Zedeki approached the shanty, looking for a way to get to the House. The shanty was occupied by two extremely drunk pirates who paid no attention to their surroundings. Zedeki flew to the small ship (the Disgrace) and found it entirely unmanned, tied up only twenty feet from the shore. The two returned to the rest of the group and reported their findings. From what they could see, the Disgrace could get them to the House of Pirates, but the spotlights would make them too easily noticed. Gongu suggested that they could steal the shanty’s canoe and scale the walls of the House, steering themselves clear of the spotlights. The idea of using bombs or a bomb arrow on the spotlights came up, too, but the distraction might put the House on guard and make it impossible to enter.

Feeling awkward and completely out of ideas, Zedeki flew back to the water. He stuck his face close and whispered, “Is…. is anyone there?”

After a few moments of feeling foolish, Zedeki was almost relieved to see the shape of an octopus appear, surrounded by a few small jumping fish. “Yes, chosen of the Wind Fish? How may we serve you?”

Zedeki asked if the fish knew of any way his group could enter the House. The animals disappeared for a few moments before returning and reporting. “The bright lights are only on the south side, near the entrance. There was a boat dock inside the House, though it may be guarded. The north side of the House was mostly unwatched.

As Zedeki pondered what to do, he turned and saw to his horror that his allies were walking out of the shanty with the two pirates and were rowing the small canoe over to the Disgrace. What had happened? He quickly flew up into the air to hide from the pirates’ lanterns.

For their part, Zedeki’s allies had an opportunity fall into their laps. Gongu opened the shanty door with his bow raised, intending to force the pirates to surrender. But in their drunken states, they mistook him for a pirate named Carrock. They planned to row the Disgrace back to the House, so Gongu, Ophinia, Whisper, and Nami helped them with the canoe and boarded the small ship.

Zedeki returned to the water. “Fish! Fish! My friends are on that ship! They’ll be seen by the lights! Can you distract the lights away from them?”

“Of course! We live to serve!” came the response of the octopus. It sank beneath the waves and out of sight.

Zedeki hovered close to the House, making sure to stay out of the spotlights. The lights began to get close to the Disgrace. But as it approached, Zedeki and the pirates controlling the lights saw something strange in the water. Numerous concourses of fish were jumping all in one section. An occasional dolphin sprung up. The spotlights were certainly distracted, looking away from the Disgrace as it entered the House of Pirates.

As they sailed in, Nami watched the House. The courtyard outside was patrolled by a large Hinox, slumped against a heavy iron door and holding an enormous club as large as a tree. The towers of the House were patrolled by archers. Everything stank of saltwater. The Disgrace rowed into the dock underneath a tower, and Nami quickly shut the door of the crew quarters. She whispered to her comrades that no fewer than eight pirates were on the docks. The two pirates of the Disgrace drunkenly stumbled off the ship and disappeared down the hallways.

Zedeki landed on a lightless tower and thought for a moment. How could he get the pirates away from the Disgrace without resorting to a fight? He pulled out Galeforce and summoned a magical arrow, sending it across the House and into the mechanism of the spotlight. As it struck, Zedeki let out a sigh, breathing magic into the arrow and causing it to violently explode. The spotlight went out immediately and the two pirates controlling it fell to the ground with injuries. Before anyone could react, Zedeki sent another magical arrow to the next spotlight, taking it out as well.

The pirates all across the House sounded a short alarm and ran through their corridors to the spotlights, giving Nami, Gongu, Ophinia, and Whisper enough time to escape the ship and pass down the hallway. Further in, they find themselves faced against two moblins with large swords. Gongu, Nami, and Whisper held one moblin off while Ophinia teleported behind the other and sparred with it.

Zedeki, seeing the pirates following his distraction, notices a large tower outside the House and concludes that it must be where the pirate lord, Brynn, lives. If Brynn is there, Il must be, too! But as Zedeki approached, he saw two figures coming from the tower and heading straight towards the place where his allies were. One was Brynn, a Hylian man with long brown hair and a large metal arm. The other was a very large goron with a walking stick. Zedeki instead followed them in and watches as the goron raises its hand and casts a blast of cold energy, knocking Nami and Gongu back and freezing Whisper in place.

Brynn launched a clawshot from his metal arm and hooks Ophinia’s armor. He forcibly pulled her close and stabbed her in the stomach with a wicked scimitar. Throwing her against a wall and raising the blade to her throat now, he turned to the sentinels saying, “Drop your weapons! Or I’ll cut her apart!”

The sentinels did not listen, instead firing a volley of arrows at Carrock and Brynn. The pirates each took injury as Zedeki flew into the room and quickly aimed four arrows at Brynn. Brynn staggered back and let loose a blast of lightning, singing Zedeki’s wings temporarily.

Namika dropped her weapon and began casting a strange spell of hand movements. She conjured a large ball of fire, causing the side of the room with Brynn and Carrock to explode. Ophinia, sensing the attack, quickly hit herself behind her shield. The heat of the fire caused Whisper’s frozen form to thaw and he picked himself back up. Carrock reacted by casting a spell on Nami, blinding her.

“I said drop your weapons!” shouted Brynn, spitting blood. As Ophinia picked herself up from the fireball, Brynn’s sword crashed into her and she fell, her axe and shield loudly clattering to the ground. The world spun for her as her eyes flitted out of consciousness.

“Wake up!” came a voice to her. “Come on, Ophinia. Get up!”

It was Zedeki! He stood over her with an empty bottle in his hand. Ophinia tasted blood still, but also the sweet and sour taste of a heart potion he had poured into her mouth. “What… Hylia… where…”

“They escaped,” explained Zedeki. “I shot the leader, but that goron teleported them out. More pirates are coming. You need to get up!”

Zedeki raised Ophinia to her feet and helped her walk towards the door leading to Brynn’s tower. Gongu had his bow drawn, aiming it behind them in case anyone should approach. Whisper guided the still-blind Nami until her eyes could recover from the spell.

The sentinels stumbled across a bridge that led to Brynn’s tower, dripping blood behind them. Ophinia, injured as she was, was able to block the door behind them. She sacrificed two of her javelins to keep the door from opening. Zedek opened the door to Brynn’s tower. A smell of ginger and perfume filled their nostrils. A throne of wood and bronze was before them, ornate and lavish. The room was brightly lit, not only by a pair of lanterns but also by the dull, purple glow of Il the fallen fairy.

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