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Mabel City Cistern

Quest for Calatia Session 7
September 28, 2019

The mercenaries awoke in the morning, memories of the ghost from the previous night still fresh in their minds. Ophinia, in fact, looked very pale, but was more than eager to push on and find answers about what had happened to her. After reserving their room for another night, the mercenaries traveled back to Dax’s jail house and found him somewhat distressed over some local political disputes. It seemed that the wealthier citizens in town were planning to move against Elder Ulrira and remove him from his position. Nevertheless, Dax was insistent on investigating the sewers for the masked assailants.

This never came to pass. As the party approached the entrance to the sewer system, one of Dax’s town guards found them and informed Dax that the overthrow of Ulrira had actually already taken place peacefully while they were walking, and Dax had been promoted to Interim Marshal. As a Marshal, Dax was required to attend the power shift at city hall and would no longer have time to enter the sewers. Zedeki suggested that they assist Dax for a short while and see to the new matters at hand. Dax thanked them for their support and left the town guard to watch over the sewer access.

In city hall, Bartimus Brumlee of the Brumlee Fishing Company sat happily in the Elder’s Chair as the newly appointed Interim Elder. The overthrow had truly been quick and painless, with Ulrira stepping aside and immediately vacating the premises. The mercenaries overheard the conversation, learning that Ulrira had poorly managed the money of the town and was bringing it into utter ruin, but an election for a new mayor would take place within days and someone better would then be appointed.

Dax, who was very displeased to have been appointed to be a Marshal, insisted that Brumlee was an honest man and good for the town. He asked if the mercenaries would be willing to go into the sewers without him if he offered them more money. They agreed, and the former Downrigger gave them a few heart potions just in case they needed them.

When they returned to the sewer access, the mercenaries found that Dax’s town guard was no longer there. Signs indicated that he was forcibly dragged into the access. They followed the trail through the sewers until they came upon a false brick wall with a Sheikah door behind it. Thick spider webs were all over everything, and the drag marks of the town guard led through the door. Namika touched the door and it slid away, seemingly powered by her presense. A staircase met their eyes, going further and further underground, leading toward what was once called the Mabel City Cistern.

The passageway they found was full of dead rats and small skulltulas. Recesses in the walls were filled with stone knights wielding heavy swords and shields with markings in a language that none of them could read. The halls were dark and cold and full of mold, and only Ophinia’s lantern could give any light. At the end of the tunnel, Gongu and Ophinia found a larger room with a large hole in the center, surrounded by spider webs. As they entered, four large Skulltulas attacked but were quickly defeated.

Zedeki flew down into the hole and found the perished body of the missing town guard. It seemed that some of the smaller spiders had attacked him and dragged him down here. Two other bodies were found in the pit: masked people with the strange “C” rune tattooed on their foreheads. Ophinia and Gongu helped Zedeki pull up the dead town guard and planned to deliver him to Dax once they had finished in the cistern. They continued onward, facing and easily destroying an Armos Knight - one of the stone knights come to life - and eventually found themselves in the cistern itself.

The cistern was a very large room with a great water tank below their feet, accessed through a large hole in the center of the room. Sheikah writing on the wall told the mercenaries that the cistern could store thousands and thousands of gallons of water, but this water was likely thousands of years old itself and was incredibly stale and old. Red Chu Chus were stick to the ceiling and had fallen at the mercenaries when they detected potential prey. Gongu collected the jelly of the now-dead Chu Chus to sell to Crazy Tracy’s Potion Shop later.

The door to the next room opened very easily, and the mercenaries heard shouts: “Who’s there!” and “It’s the Downrigger! Kill ‘em!” and a frail voice pleading “Help me!”

Four thieves, armed with knives and bows, fell upon them but were quickly defeated. Zedeki and Ophinia left one alive and tied him up. In the corner of the room was an old man wearing a blindfold. He was blind, having lost his eyes some time ago, and he kept babbling about his daughter. Gongu and Namika went to help him, but Ophinia sensed something evil in the room. The thief that Zedeki was interrogating mentioned that the blind man was actually his boss.

The blind man cackled. His form strangely distorted, his skin turned bright red and his hands into claws. He ripped off his own head and flung it up into the air where it began to hover. A new head grew in place of the old one, but the blind man removed that one, too, until he had three of his own heads hovering around the room, spewing fire at the mercenaries. From his own chest, he summoned a long and wicked blade.

With a few strokes of his sword, Gongu and Whisper were greatly injured and they had to fall back and retreat. Ophinia charged at the blind man while Zedeki and Namika fired arrows to him, but the man was defiantly nimble despite his blindness. He cast spells of fire at each of them while his demonic floating heads filled the room with fire. Gongu, breathing heavily through his wounds, braced himself for another attack, but his companion jumped in the way. For the first time that any of them had heard, Whisper cried out, yelping as the blind man’s sword dug into him and hurled him to the ground. Gongu shouted and charged, firing arrow after arrow.

The blind man was outnumbered and his body was pierced with many arrows. He cried out in a strange hissing voice, “Master! Save me!” No response came to him as Gongu and the mercenaries cut him down and destroyed his heads. Zedeki rushed to the doors of the room and wedged them shut with firewood from a nearby bonfire. Gongu tended to Whisper’s wounds. Namika inspected the door that led further into the cistern.

Ophinia stood over the body of the blind man. She could feel that evil sense again, and heard the dark voice whisper to her, “I see you,” before the sense of evil finally abated.

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