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The Downrigger

Quest for Calatia Session 5
August 25, 2019

Zedeki left the group, flying back to Mabel Village to find Killiack while Ophinia stood guarding Tail Cave. Namika learned that Leera was a Kokiri sent many years ago to meet with the Great Maku Tree of Old Calatia. Leera could not bear the cold in the region and instead settled in the southern shores, believing herself to have failed in her mission.

The path back to Mabel Village was uneventful, if not tiring. Zedeki, still injured but no longer bleeding from the run-in with the Mothula, kept low to the ground to not arouse suspicion. Inside the village, he surprised two guards overlooking a “crime scene” in Killiack’s home. The guards told him that he was wanted for questioning by the Downrigger up the hill at the jail house. Surprisingly, the guards did not accompany Zedeki here, and the guard outside the jail house nonchalantly told Zedeki to enter the jail to meet with the Downrigger. As Zedeki entered, the door behind him slammed shut and locked from the outside.

Perturbed, Zedeki looked around in the jail house. The jail was strangely clean and well-kept. In the three cells were Ior the purple Bokoblin, Beedle the foolish merchant, and Killiack. Zedeki first went to Ior and saw that he had been treated most cruelly, his left hand cut off at a bloody stump. Ior wouldn’t answer any of Zedeki’s questions, instead only weeping and repeating “Ior is good Bokoblin…” over and over. Beedle told Zedeki that Ior helped bring him to the city two days ago, but the guards saw the young Bokoblin and captured them both. Ior’s hand was removed when he confessed that some Hyruleans had paid him to come here. Killiack explained to Zedeki that he had been discovered in the house with the dead masked man and was immediately put in jail.

Before Zedeki could get any further information out of the three, there was a knock at the door. Through the bars, a smiling shark-like Zora with pale blue skin warmly greeted Zedeki. His name was Dax, the Downrigger of Mabel Village. Insisting that Zedeki step back as he entered and apologizing for the guard locking him in, Dax showed no immediate sign of threat. He spoke softly to the Rito and kept his weapon neatly strapped to his back. Despite this, Zedeki could not find himself able to trust the Downrigger. Dax explained that the situation was very suspicious: a Hyrulean ship sinks under strange circumstances, Hyruleans enter the town of Mabel, and they’re paying Bokoblins - a sworn enemy to the region. Furthermore, Killiack has already admitted to being tied up by these Hyruleans in a room with a dead man, whose cause of death is one of Zedeki’s arrows.

Dax and Zedeki negotiated an agreement. Zedeki offered to bring in his party for questioning and would leave his grandfather’s bow as collateral. Zedeki also persuaded Dax to release Ior to him, convincing him that Ior truly is a good Bokoblin and will not be harmful to the village. Dax promised to investigate their claims, releasing Ior into Zedeki’s custody. Zedeki was forced to wear a strange, magic chain band around his ankle, which the Downrigger threatens should not be removed or the consequences would be dire.

Cloaking himself and Ior, Zedeki quickly returned to Tail Cave where his companions are horrified to see the disfigurement of the purple Bokoblin. Zedeki explained the situation and that they are wanted for questioning, all the while Ophinia changed Ior’s bandages. Ior, knowing the way to the Spring of Wellness, was tasked with taking Leera to his father, Huk. He is given a javelin by Ophinia and promises to be good and protect the girl with his life. As Ior and Leera left, Ophinia and Gongu quickly buried Leera and Killiack’s mother, performing a short funeral service.

When Zedeki brought his companions to the Downrigger, the calm and polite demeanor that Dax previous showed was entirely gone. He threateningly stood before the group with his sharktooth sword drawn and his skin shifting to bright red. The party at first drew their own weapons in expectation of an attack, but Dax - seething through his barbarian rage - slowly began the interrogation. He accused them of murder, theft, and terrorism. But as the group answered his questions, they begin to see through him - he was only trying to intimidate them as part of his job to “keep the darkness under water.” They remained honest, quickly answering each of his questions.

In the end, the Downrigger - transitioning back to his pale blue skin and polite demeanor - believed their story entirely, even agreeing with the group that the appearance of the masked men and the fall of the Southern Lighthouse could not be a mere coincidence. He removed the band from Zedeki’s ankle and told the group to stay in town at least one day while he investigated further on his own. Releasing Killiack from his cell, Dax left them alone.

By this time, Zedeki had become utterly exhausted from his travels and adventures in the day, nearly fainting during the interrogation. Namika and Killiack took him back to the Little Fish Inn to rest, while Gongu and Ophinia searched for horses to take them to the Spring of Wellness the next day. Zedeki quickly apologized to the innkeeper for running off with the key yesterday and paid for another night at the inn. He rested in a bath and cleaned himself while Namika and Killiack restlessly watched over the patrons of the inn.

Gongu and Ophinia found the market district of Mabel Village still abuzz with people running to and fro, purchasing their trinkets, potions, and food. At the end of the road was a barn and stable of horses overlooking an extremely dense and foreboding forest north of the town. The stablemaster, Bato, was an enormous tattooed Goron who was barely able to stand, guzzling down large quantities of some strong liquor that he didn’t even seem to enjoy. Ophinia could not get much information out of the drunkard, instead promising to return in the morning when he had a chance to sober up.

As they left, Gongu spotted a strange, round building with a strong scent of ginger and spices coming from it. This was Crazy Tracy’s Potion Shop and had one of the most overpowering smells that Gongu had ever experienced. The potion shop owner - who was named Ilika, not Tracy - told Gongu that Crazy Tracy’s Potion Shop is a chain of stores found all around Calatia. Gongu and Ophinia (who joined Gongu after walking away from Bato) had both been looking for potions but found the prices to be a bit extreme. Ilika offered that the prices of the potions could be lowered if they brought their own ingredients - magic mushrooms, blue and green insects, and other strange things found in the Mysterious Woods. Ilika tried to convince Gongu and Ophinia to purchase one of her mysterious potions, but they politely declined. “Bring ingredients, then!” she called to them as they left.

The group reconnected at the Little Fish Inn. Zedeki had rested briefly and bathed himself. The others sat quietly in the common room while a small Zora girl served them food and drink. Night approached and they each took their rest, barricading themselves in their rooms while they slept.

In the early hours of the morning before the sun had even begun to rise, Namika - the last of the team on watch for the night - heard footsteps approaching. She summoned Zedeki and prepared for a fight when she saw that Dax the Downrigger was coming up the stairs, smiling through bleary and tired eyes. He explained that his investigation of their group had concluded and he had absolutely no reason to not trust them. In the night, one of the masked people had come to the inn and was outside their window, but Dax and his men chased this person off. Near where Zedeki had described capturing the masked man the previous night, Dax had discovered a trap door that led below the city to an old sewer access. His brief exploration of the sewer turned out to be a dead end, but he is now fully aware that these masked people are definitely in town and possibly below it.

Dax asked the group to accompany him to clear out the sewers, but Namika and Zedeki declined. They needed to take Killiack to his sister at the Spring of Wellness, though they did not mention this location to Dax. Dax, discussing with them the salvation they brought to the Southern Lighthouse and Killiack’s sister, suggested that they speak with Ulrira, the Elder of the town, about becoming Sentinels. The Sentinels are the roving police force in Calatia, salaried by the crown. At least in this way, their adventures would be gainful employment and not simple charity.

Something occurred to Zedeki as they spoke that he had forgotten to mention to the Downrigger during the interrogation. The Southern Lighthouse, he explained, had been blocked by Skulltulas and the lighthouse’s caretaker had mentioned seeing a winged demon that could breathe fire. To Zedeki’s surprise, Dax turned pale. It was as Huk had said a few days ago: an Acheman. Dax explained that he had encountered an Acheman nearly fifty years ago when he and his wife battled one, and his wife did not survive the encounter. Dax quickly suggested to them that they conclude their business with Killiack, and he would offer them a sizeable reward if they helped him look into either the Acheman or the masked people in the sewers below the town. He left them again, eager to return to the jail house and begin preparations to explore the sewers.

When the party had awoken, they quickly ate their breakfast and returned to Bato’s stables. Bato, now horribly hungover, rented two horses and a cart to the party for the next two days. Ophinia, using her magic to speak to them, named their horses My Lady and The Gentleman, and the horses were enamored. The group purchased some supplies as they began to leave town. Looking through his pockets, Gongu came upon the crumpled map they had recovered in Tail Cave that pointed to a meeting place in the mountains. Gongu and Namika made a copy of the map, intending to give it to Dax.

The day was cold, but it not yet snowing.

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