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Tail Cave

Quest for Calatia Session 4
August 18, 2019

A stillness settled on Mabel Village, and the only sounds from the streets of the fishing district were a few people stumbling home from nearby taverns. Not far from a soiled and dirty shrine to a goddess long abandoned was a small house with bolted door and windows. In the front room, Namika and Zedeki took turns keeping an eye out for any more danger, listening to the occasional ragged breathing from their captured assailant. In the back room, Gongu and Ophinia did their best to keep the boy, Killiack, calm while he worried for his mother and sister.

When morning light came, Zedeki found that the masked man had died from his wounds in the night. Killiack began to panic again, and begged the mercenaries to take him with them to find his family. In his desperation, he lashed out at Ophinia with his knife. She shrugged off the damage while Zedeki bound and gagged Killiack, worried that his inexperience in combat would ruin their chances of saving his family. As the group left (hearing Killiack’s wailing), they found a knife stuck to the door with a crude drawing of a mother and child, both with red ‘X’ marks over their faces. Ophinia returned to Killiack and promised him, in the name of Hylia and the Caretaker, that she would do all in her power to save them. She left Killiack with a knife, just out of reach, in case he decided to take action. But she warned him that he may meet with a terrible fate if he chose to follow.

Some of the early morning fishermen were about in the streets, but the party ignored them and rushed out of town. The guards at the bridge gave them a writ of entry should they return to town. The path along the shore to the Tail Cave was sparsely populated by various fishing shanties and very small docks.

After a few short hours, they arrived at the Tail Cave. A large metal gate locked them out, and two masked thugs lay on the ground, each pierced by many Bokoblin arrows. Namika picked the lock and they descended into the salty and moss-covered cave. Another metal gate blocked the path, but to the right was a small storage room with six Bokoblins, happily eating fish and singing to themselves. The danger was too great to go against these Bokoblins, too. Something deeper was further in. Namika elected to pick this lock as well, and they snuck past.

The darkness of this next room made it impossible to see, so Gongu and Ophinia took some torches from the entrance. The room was extremely slick from seawater and moss, and descended sharply down. As they moved carefully, Gongu briefly cried out as a strange worm-like creature latched onto his leg. The creatures - Moldorms - lived between the crags and snapped at the group as they passed.

At the bottom, they found a large room of the cave dimly lit by torches. In the water on the floor of the room, six more Bokoblins watched and played in the water, eating various lichen and crabs. The mercenaries quickly made a plan: Zedeki was to hide in the ceiling of the room amongst the stalactites and keep an eye out for trouble, while Gongu and Namika fired their bows at any Bokoblins in the way. Ophinia and Whisper would block the door and protect them.

The plan worked out very well at first. Many of the Bokoblins fell to the arrows, the axe, and the fangs of the mercenaries, while Zedeki patiently waited above the pool. He then saw two large and muscular Moblins move into view from the shadows, each wielding a bomb arrow. While Ophinia and Whisper kept the Bokoblins and Moblins at bay, Zedeki took his shot and struck the Moblin’s bomb arrow, causing a loud explosion that horribly burned the Moblin and destroyed a poorly sealed door to a small storage room.

Coming out of hiding was Zedeki’s undoing, perhaps. From the darkness behind him, the last Moblin could now see him and aimed a bomb arrow. Zedeki was now greatly injured and burned feathers fell into the pool below. Despite the pain, he could see in a flash from the bomb a shape of a Moblin in the shadows. “I see you,” he whispered. An arrow from his bow stuck deep into the Moblin.

While Ophinia and Whisper kept their attackers at bay, Gongu and Namika entered the room with the pool. Namika leaned over the Goron and helped him aim his arrow into the darkness. In a few short moments, the Bokoblins and Moblins were all slain, their black blood tainting the waters. The mercenaries took a moment to catch their breath before searching around them.

The previously sealed room contained an explosive trap that injured Ophinia and those around her, but they were able to recover a small portion of rupees from a chest. Gongu and Namika found a Sheikah-made door and triggered its mechanism to open. Inside was a chest containing Roc’s Feather, a magical item that would keep one from falling.

Further in the cave was a large, dark room covered in moss and the smell of decay. A large Mothula clung to the ceiling and attacked. It spread its Morth larvae across the ground, and the mercenaries had to clear them off while fighting the giant insect. Further in, Ophinia could see with her torch a young girl being held hostage by an injured masked man. She called to her allies. Gongu, Whisper, and Namika held the Mothula at bay while Ophinia and Zedeki rushed at the masked man, dropping him to the ground.

Surprisingly, the girl rushed past them, yelling in Ancient Hylian, “Move! Out of my way!” as she grabbed moss from the ground and infused it with magic, blasting it against the Mothula and its Morths. The six teamed up against the Mothula and finally slew it.

They were all grievously injured, but won the battle. Gongu lay bleeding on the ground, roused by his wolf companion. Zedeki stood over the dead Mothula, still shaken from the fight. Ophinia and Namika approached the girl. As light shone upon her, Ophinia and Zedeki had a sudden recognition. This girl was magically powerful and had deep green fair and pointed ears. She was a Kokiri, one of the long-lost children of the forest in service of the Great Deku Tree of Hyrule.

Her name was Leera. She was adopted by Killiack’s family, but was taken with her mother by the masked men when Killiack was blackmailed into killing the survivors of Nayru’s Blessing. The masked me locked her in the cave and discovered her as a Kokiri, stating that this was important for some reason. Bokoblins and Moblins invaded the cave, though, and chased Leera, her mother, and a masked man into the back cave. The man was desperate and had killed Leera’s mother. Leera wept, not really even knowing why any of this had happened.

It was now certain that Leera and Killiack would no longer be safe in Mabel Village. The group decided that perhaps Huk and his family could keep Leera and Killiack safe at the Spring of Wellness. The group exited the cave, clearing out the remaining Bokoblins, and stepped outside back into the morning air. Zedeki flew into the sky towards Mabel to find Killiack.

Ophinia brought the body of Leera’s mother out of the cave and placed her gently on the sand. Namika held a crying Leera, whose sobs were drowned out only by the crashing of waves on the beach.

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