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Darkness in Mabel Village

Quest for Calatia Session 3
August 4, 2019

Dim light shone through the windows of the Souther Lighthouse, and the sound of hail rattled against the windows. The mercenaries woke and found themselves alone. At first, they worried that something had happened to Tarin, but Zedeki and Namika found him outside and down the cliff toward the beach. Tarin had fallen asleep next to the grave of his wife. He told them that she had passed away twenty years ago and Tarin visited her every morning. He thanked Zedeki and Namika again for their help, and gave them some rupees as payment. He also suggested that the money would be necessary to enter Mabel Village. Mabel, he explained, was suffering from some economic stress and now had a toll to enter.

Back at the lighthouse, Il abruptly left the party. He decided to stay with Tarin at the lighthouse for his protection, and to travel on his own. The rest of the group departed with Beedle towards Mabel.

The crossroads north of the lighthouse were covered in hail, but the Bokoblin tracks that Zedeki and Ophinia had spotted the previous day were still easily found. They split two ways: one went west towards Mabel, and the other towards the east and Oldtown. The party took their path west and camped outside the Featherwood Forest as the weather began to finally clear.

The night brought much worry to the mercenaries. With the starlight and moonlight, they could see tall shapes moving in the woods, with smaller shapes approaching from the right. Neither party left the woods and approached the mercenaries, so they took their rest. While Namika watched over the camp, a loud booming noise and a bright flash of lightning erupted in the woods. The mercenaries quickly armed themselves, but no attack came. The shapes in the woods were gone and silence once again reigned.

To their surprise, the mercenaries found a single set of Bokoblin tracks that led directly up to their camp, not ten feet from where Namika rested. They quickly packed their things and set into the woods to see what had happened last night. In the woods, trees were charred, bushes destroyed, and blackened bones lay scattered all about. Gongu spoke with Whisper about what happened and what he could smell.

_“Bones… monsters… Bokoblins… I smell Bokoblins…”

The party was eager to follow Whisper’s nose and track down the Bokoblins, but were not eager to let Beedle come with them. Beedle was also not very willing to go deeper into the woods, so he opted to travel on the road alone. Ophinia gave him a quick blessing and he departed. The others followed Whisper.

Only a few hours passed before Whisper came to a halt on a well-worn trail heading towards the Skygarden Mountains. The trail had not ended, but the mercenaries found a strange purple sign that read “Come visit the Spring of Wellness!” Zedeki flew into the trees to get a better look. Shockingly, he saw a purple Bokoblin in a purple hat and bow tie sitting in a purple toll booth waving happily to him. Zedeki told his companions and they immediately marched to the tollbooth, expecting a fight.

“Hullo, hullo, hullo! Welcome to the Spring of Wellness!” said the Bokobkin in a thick accent.

The Bokoblin, Huk, promised them a restful experience if they came to the campground and bathed in the spring, but the party was uninterested. Huk was not trusted by this party, and Zedeki interrogated him about the attack at the Southern Lighthouse and the shapes in the forest last night. Huk openly admitted that he hates “bad” Bokoblins, and was responsible for destroying a few Stalfos in the woods. He had no knowledge of the attack on the lighthouse and was suddenly very worried about Tarin, a man who he claimed was his friend. “Huk is good Bokoblin!” he exclaimed.

He offered a tour of the campground. Ior, Huk’s son, was cleaning the spring with a large net. Huk’s brothers, Pook and Munny, were cooking for some other campers at a campfire. Namika chose to enter the spring after sensing its magical power, feeling instantly revitalized and full of energy. Ophinia said some sharp words to Huk, and Huk detected something in her voice that made him read her thoughts. He suddenly became very sullen and looked at her with tears. “I… I am… I am so sorry about what my people did to your horse…”

Ophinia was aghast. Huk learned her intentions in coming to Calatia, and offered her a small comfort: the horse god Malanya was last seen in Old Calatia, to the far north in the Frozen Fields near the forest of the Great Maku Tree. Malanya was often willing to help mortals but only through sacrifice. Ophinia, angry that Huk read her mind, demanded to know why he was a good Bokoblin. He explained that he and his family were part of another tribe of Bokoblins in the north, but left the group after seeing the horrible things that they did. Killing and pillaging were not his ways. Huk believes that he should help people. That is why he came to the Spring of Wellness, indicating how refreshed Namika felt after stepping out of the bath.

Zedeki and Gongu decided that they prefered to hunt the “bad” Bokoblins that Huk mentioned. Huk suggested that an Acheman from the Hokani Mountains was their leader, and that they should tread carefully. Acheman are very powerful demons. Upon hearing this, Ophinia noted that Beedle might be in danger all alone, and offered Ior money to travel with him and lead him safely to Mabel. Ior speedily left the spring towards Beedle and the road.

The party left the spring, and Huk wished them well. Still feeling sadness for Ophinia, he gave to her a necklace of Bokoblin teeth. “This necklace,” he explained, “will let you speak Blin.” He thought that perhaps it would help her. Not all Bokoblins are bad, as he claimed, though many are.

Whisper picked up Ior’s trail and led the group out of the Featherwood. They rested outside the forest when the sun went down. Once again, the shapes of Stalfos stalked the forest. The mercenaries were not surprised to see the lightning of Huk destroy the Stalfos again, leaving them to sleep peacefully. In the morning, Namika still felt very refreshed from her bath, but noticed that her skin was dyed purple, Huk’s admitted favorite color.

After a few days of travel, the group arrived at Mabel at night. They paid their toll to the armed guards and entered the town. Mabel Village was divided into three districts. The fishing district was at the docks, surrounded by fisheries and small shacks. The merchant district was in the center of town. The rich residence district towered above the rest on a large hill with paved roads and ornate houses.

The mercenaries came upon a small inn, The Little Fish Inn, bustling with people as the work day ended. They purchased rooms for the night and settled into the common room for a meal. Ophinia played cards with a group of old fishermen and learned that a few people still worshipped Hylia here. She left to find Hylia’s shrine and her companions followed.

The shrine to Hylia was less of a shrine and more of an alley with a pile of garbage with a small statue of the goddess in the center. As Ophinia began to clean it, a dark figure entered the alley and drew a bow, firing a shot at Namika. Namika and Zedeki reacted quickly, injuring the assailant. It was a teenaged boy who, commanded by Ophinia’s magic to speak, admitted to being blackmailed into killing them in this alley or his own family would be murdered. The mercenaries learned that a masked figure with thick goggles had approached him outside the wealthy residential district near the Brumlee Estate. He was told to kill a group of travelers - a merchant, a paladin, a Sheikah, a goron, a rito, and a wolf. If he failed, his family would be killed.

Namika and Zedeki went to investigate the boy’s story at his house in the fishing district while Gongu and Ophinia stayed with the boy in the alley. The boy’s house was ransacked. Zedeki saw a masked figure in the shadows and recognized it as one of the people that destroyed Nayru’s Blessing. He chased the figure across the district before knocking him out and bringing him back to the boy’s house.

The group came back together at the boy’s house and interrogated the masked man. They removed his mask and saw a Hyrulean “C” branded on his forehead. At first, he wouldn’t speak. He only mocked them and told them that they would all die in the “holy war” on the horizon. Zedeki and Ophinia took turns trying various ways to get him to talk. They learned very little, as the man was low on the chain of command in his group. But he said something that interested them: Nayru’s Blessing had a very magical item in its cargo, and this group now had it in their possession.

They also learned that the boy’s family was being held in Tail Cave, a small fishing cave south of Mabel Village.

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