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The Southern Lighthouse

Quest for Calatia Session 2
July 7, 2019

On Nayru’s Blessing, the fairy Il found himself in a dire predicament. As the storm drew closer, Captain Miko told him, “You had better stay nearby.” Il had never seen Miko act so bold or focused before. Miko was usually a very chipper individual, if not a little daft. But now he had his sword in hand, seemingly preparing for the worst.

And the worst came. A loud booming informed them all that something was amiss on the deck. The door to the captain’s quarters had flown open and the sounds of rain, thunder, and screaming filled the air. Miko and his first mate, Kimala, rushed out to the fight while Il stayed back. He turned and opened the back window and flew up to the stern of the ship where the helmsman steered.

The helmsman was already dead, no question about it. Il looked up between the masts of the ship and saw three wizards floating in the sky, each casting blasts of fire down amongst the crew of Nayru’s Blessing. The deck was swarming with strange hooded and masked people, each of them slamming clubs, swords, and spears into the members of the ship’s crew. Il could tell that this battle was lost before it had even begun. Captain Miko rushed up to the upper deck, blood trickling down his body between his arrow wounds, with Kimala following him. Il could barely make out their speech between the sounds of the fight, but he could see them quickly lowering one of the lifeboats. They intended to escape before another blast struck the ship. Il fell to the deck badly injured from the fight. The captain, too, was burned very badly. Kimala was not as lucky, dead before he hit the ground.

As Il used his magic to heal himself, he saw those strange new mercenaries that Zedeki had recruited. They spoke quickly to the captain before jumping into the lifeboat and rowing away. The captain saw Il and told him to take cover. As Miko lit and threw a bomb into the fray, Il heard a booming voice that said, “We found it!” Each of the assailants on the ship suddenly vanished and Miko’s bomb exploded.

Zedeki, Ophinia, Gongu, Namika, and Beedle watched the wreckage of the ship sink beneath the waves. Zedeki could make out a faint glow hovering over some flotsam. “Il! Come quickly!” he cried, recruiting the fairy to their boat. They knew which way led back to shore, but rowing against the waves and the storm left them utterly exhausted by the time they arrived.

The team rested around a small campfire on the shores of Calatia. While Zedeki watched over the group as they slept, he could see the Southern Lighthouse not but a few miles away. When rested, he thought, they could travel there and find shelter and direction. As he watched, he noticed that the light from the lighthouse very suddenly was extinguished and a nearby building was on fire. Zedeki was dismayed. He knew that something was afoot, but rowing the lifeboat and left them all utterly spent.

Once the mercenaries had rested and the darkness of night was abating, they quickly made their way towards the lighthouse. As they approached, Ophinia could sense that something was very wrong. They found the Southern Lighthouse ruined. The light was gone. The caretaker’s house was still up, but not without broken windows and scores on the door. A nearby barn was destroyed by fire. At the door of the house, they could see two Bokoblins standing watch.

Zedeki and Namika leapt into action, each firing their bows. They intended to take out the Bokoblins before they could react, but only one fell dead. The other called out and soon the lawn of the lighthouse was full of Bokoblins. They saw and shot at Gongu and Ophinia, who each took cover from the shots. Zedeki and Nami kept firing arrows. Il and Whisper gave their support. The skirmish was fast and each Bokoblin had fallen dead.

Ophinia found the caretaker, Tarin, bound and injured in the lighthouse. All he could say was, “Please light it again! We need to light the lighthouse!” He instructed Ophinia on the procedure - replace the light stone into the pedestal. Once light was shining again, Tarin relaxed. He explained to the mercenaries that the Southern Lighthouse was one of four Lighthouses of Calatia that ward off evil. During the night, some large spiders briefly covered it long enough that a demon had come in and extinguished that light.

Tarin also explained that the land of Calatia is protected by the God of Protection, an entity called the Caretaker. Ophinia surmised that the Caretaker may have some connection to Hylia. While they discussed this, Nami discovered that the light stone of the lighthouse was Sheikah-made.

Ophinia inquired about the lighthouse’s protection, seeing that Tarin was old and unarmed. He explained that his service as caretaker of the lighthouse had lasted forty years and he had never once been attacked. He has no weapons, armor, or anything to defend himself. The only contact he has with others is a very few traveling Marshalls from Mabel Village in the east and a supply caravan from Oldtown in the west. But the caravan is over a week late now, and Tarin is becoming worried.

As they recovered from the fight, Namika asked Tarin more about the history of Calatia. He explained all he could, not being a learned man himself. Calatia, he said, is actually the second country with that name. The original, now called Old Calatia, is a ruin in the far northern region of the land. As it is now, Calatia is preserved through the Lighthouses, though the Northern Lighthouse is missing.

The party decided to travel to Mabel Village and find the Marshalls. Perhaps the Marshalls could spare some of their numbers to defend the lighthouse, or at least improve its defenses. Ophinia planned to look for a horse in Mabel Village and ride it to Oldtown and see about the supply caravan. Zedeki, Gongu, and Namika all agreed to help her with this. Beedle, on the other hand, intended to only travel to Mabel before making his way around the mountains towards Chorus.

Wary of the Bokoblins and Tarin’s mention that this is the first time the Southern Lighthouse went unlit during his fifty years as caretaker, Ophinia and Zedeki scouted ahead on the road to see where the Bokoblin prints led, while Gongu and Namika assisted Tarin in removing the bodies of the fallen Bokoblins at the lighthouse. Ophinia and Zedeki returned as the sun set against the western sky, informing their companions that the Bokoblins are headed west.

As Ophinia prayed before sleep, she heard the voice of Hylia in her head. The words were unintelligible, but she could feel the presence of the Goddess with an overwhelming feeling of calmness and assurance.

Truly on this day, the Goddess smiled upon them.

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