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Sailing to Calatia

Quest for Calatia Session 1
June 30, 2019

And now, the story of those from Hyrule who traveled to a new land in search of wisdom and meaning.

They say that the Goddess Hylia guides us all. That may be true, depending on the storyteller. In Malin Harbor, the people praised and worshipped the Goddess. They prayed for her protection while on the open seas. They asked for favorable winds. They sought shelter in her blessing from storms. Malin Harbor was full of people. It was once a very small port in the Akkala province of Hyrule, but as peaceful times came upon the land, Malin Harbor soon became a very small town. At the center of the town was a small shrine to Hylia, surrounded by small flowers. Towards the beach was the harbor with its long docks.

Docked on the largest slip was Nayru’s Blessing, a longboat with green painted trim and three large masts. It had been docked in Malin Harbor for almost a month and the Harbor Master was eager to get it on its way again. So was the crew, in fact. Nayru’s Blessing was a merchant ship. It made several voyages each year to Calatia, a country to the far north of Hyrule. On this day, as the sun was reaching high noon, a squat man with a long white beard and very ornate blue clothes was walking down the docks towards it. He called to a Rito man atop the ship.

Zedeki the Rito mercenary flew down and joined Miko, the old captain of Nayru’s Blessing. The captain explained that the ship was to set sail very soon but they were short on manpower. Captain Miko explained that some people reported attacks on the waters near Calatia and that he was willing to hire other mercenaries as bodyguards on the water. Zedeki and Miko’s fairy companion, Il, flew towards Malin Harbor to hire help for the journey.

Zedeki and Il first came upon Ophinia, a Hylian Paladin in service to the Goddess and Hyrule. Ophinia had previously been in battle and felt compelled to follow the guidance of Hylia and travel to Calatia. The opportunity seemed perfect, and she joined the crew. Zedeki (after dismissing Il for being disagreeable) found Gongu the Goron and his wolf companion, Whisper. Finally, he met Namika, a young Sheikah sage. The five of them came upon the docks to meet the captain.

Captain Miko and his first mate, Kimala the Zora, were on the dock overseeing the last of the shipment to Calatia being loaded. Miko made quick contracts with each of his new hires. Another new hire also came up to them: a scrawny merchant with a crossbow named Beedle. On the deck, Zedeki met Zima, a female Rito who was also contracted as a mercenary on Nayru’s Blessing. Zima and her crew would take the night watch while Zedeki and the new hires would watch during the day. Zedeki let Ophinia, Gongu, Whisper, Nami, and Beedle down below deck to their rooms.

Soon after, Nayru’s Blessing departed Malin Harbor for Chorus City, capital of Calatia. Zedeki and his crew stood watch as the ship departed Hyrule and came upon open waters. The journey was uneventful, to say the least. The mercenaries spent their time looking towards the water during the day, and resting whenever they could during the night. Ophinia and Nami, during a break, went to the lowest deck of the ship where the goods for trade were stored. Nami was interested in the cargo, looking for any Sheikah trinkets or any other captivating item. Ophinia, on the other hand, had been sensing some very strong power somewhere on the ship, but could not find it.

As sunset was approaching after a little over three weeks, a deckhand called out “Land ahoy!” and pointed to the north. The mercenaries looked and saw the shores of Calatia far away. Gongu noticed it first: dark clouds were swirling about the land. Kimala suggested that a storm was coming in and that they should get below deck to rest and wait it out.

But during the night, they heard shouting and loud bangs. Zedeki, ever alert, gathered his weapons and began to move towards the upper deck. Before he could, he spied three masked assailants enter the crew cabin deck, all armed with crossbows.

“There are more down here. Kill them, too!” shouted one.

Zedeki called out to his comrades and fired an arrow. Ophinia, Nami, Gongu, Whisper, and poor Beedle came out of their rooms and armed themselves. Nami and Gongu fired their bows, while Whisper and Ophinia rushed the attackers. Arrows zipped back and forth. Ophinia and Nami each took down one of the masked attackers before the last of the three called out, “I need help down here!” and two more joined the fight.

These two were spellcasters, throwing magic at the group. Ophinia and Whisper each took heavy hits before the last thug and one of the mages were defeated. The last mage turned and fled with the mercenaries in pursuit.

As they arrived on the deck of the ship, they could see only the remains of the chaos that woke them. One of the masts had fallen. Kimala was dead at the helm. Captain Miko lay on the ground with five arrows protruding from his body. He whispered to them that they were attacked by overwhelming forces. The group turned and saw countless foes at the bow of the ship slaughtering the remains of Nayru’s Blessing’s crew.

The captain had managed to launch one of the lifeboats into the water before he was injured. He commanded Zedeki to take them to shore and get away while he set a bomb to kill as many of the attackers as he could. The group jumped into the lifeboat and began rowing themselves as far away as they could.

Over the sound of the storm, a loud booming voice yelled, “We found it!”

Then Miko’s bomb exploded. Nayru’s Blessing cracked in half and sank beneath the waves.

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