Episode 7: Trouble in the Teahouse

Posted on Sun, May 26, 2019

Traveling to Lotus Lake progressively became more eventful as the days came and went. Hebo and Oromis had become very fast friends, teasing each other most of the way. Ezio and I were constantly on the lookout. Petra, Luna, and Eclipse stayed in the wagon and talked with one another the entire time. The sun shone during the day, and the stars were beautifully clear at night.

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Episode 6: Carametra and the Court

Posted on Sun, Apr 21, 2019

Hebo did not remember dying, which was probably a good thing. Despite his burns and ruined clothes, he seemed in good spirits. Eclipse and I bound his and Ezio’s wounds. Petra and Luna brought in Spoink from outside the cave while Oromis searched the cave. He found a few long-dead bodies, victims of the Chimera, with nothing more than broken swords and empty quivers. He did, however, find an interesting cloak, a metallic arrow, and a wand of some kind. While the group rested for the night, I performed a ritual to identify these things. Hebo took the cloak, a cloak that changes color according to Hebo’s desires. The arrow is infused with magic to make it entirely unbreakable. Oromis gave it to Ezio as he was the only one of us with a bow. The wand is a Wand of Smiles, an interesting magical device that forces a victim to smile. I am fortunate to be made of metal, stone, and wood. I cannot smile and therefore cannot succumb to this kind of magic.

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Episode 5: Chasing Feathers

Posted on Sun, Apr 07, 2019

Our party journeyed out of the underground tunnels with the people we saved: Hebo’s farmer, an old woman from some far away town, a young boy, a young man from Vagrant’s Rest down south, and a young woman from Oakshade. Our group was not sure what to do with these people. They all come from different parts of Caladmein and we could not return them all to their towns. While we debated, we came upon our rope that led us out of the hole. Ezio, Hebo, and I climbed up first. Our horses and Spoink were still there with our cart, but there was a campfire nearby.

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Episode 4: The Battle Underground

Posted on Sun, Mar 17, 2019

What would we do to kill that drow spider and its minions and save those people? We debated long before we decided on a plan: Hebo was to sneak in under the guise of invisibility and release the prisoners. The drow spider was asleep and the Kraul were just chittering to themselves, their claws only loosely holding their weapons. Hebo would message us when we should ambush the Kraul as he helped the people to safety. If we moved fast enough, we could kill them all before they even knew we were here.

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Episode 3: Dark Tunnels and Darker Enemies

Posted on Sun, Mar 03, 2019

Our journey to the mountains as we followed the tracks of the beast was mostly uneventful. We started back at Hebo’s farm. Another few days since the attack had not done much to improve the view. The farmhouse was still in shambles, the barn was askew, and the dead phase spider was being picked by birds and insects. Hebo was very somber, a noticeable difference from his usual chipper behavior. My emotions and reactions are artificial, but even I could feel his sadness emanate from him.

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Episode 2: The Strength of Dwarves

Posted on Sun, Feb 10, 2019

Night drew on as we looked over the carcasses of the spiders. We were still uneasy, though. Ezio and I moved to inspect the barn and found it utterly devastated. Hebo, Oromis, Petra, and Luna went to the farmhouse and found it in the same condition. But the farmer was missing, much to Hebo’s dismay. Ezio, being a distrustful person, began to interrogate Hebo about the farm and the farmer. Hebo insisted that the farmer was good and that something dreadful had happened here while he was away. We found tracks in the dirt and mud that led towards the mountains, but injured as we were, we could not follow.

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Episode 1: The Farm and the Spiders

Posted on Tue, Mar 13, 2018

I have been traveling a long time now. My travels brought me to this place, Oakshade. It is a peaceful hamlet, nice enough that I could find work here. This story begins as I entered Oakshade as I encountered the people who would become my traveling companions.

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