Latest Adventures


The Second Order of Dragonlords Part 12 on July 25, 2020

It has been quite the day today! All of that walking, traveling, and adventuring makes me tired. I’ve been with the heroes of prophecy for almost two months now, but I’m not used to this much travel. Even when you and I used to go to the cities to the north on the missions, travel was much simpler. We had the cart and the horse. As I’m writing this, I don’t think I’ve even seen a horse here in the Emerald Isles yet. But travel with the heroes of prophecy is nice, too, though I miss sharing the night with you.


The Second Order of Dragonlords Part 11 on July 18, 2020

The centaurs that surprised us did not try to kill us, so thank the Morninglord for that! As it turned out, Briar was familiar with the tribe. She called them the Noya tribe, one of the four (or is it five?) tribes of centaurs of the Emerald Isles. They were dressed in bronze mail, which is why I think we were a little on edge when they appeared. But Chief Hakar was very cordial and polite, something I myself was not suspecting.

Father and Son

Quest for Calatia Session 18 on July 14, 2020

Torondo, chief of the Goron City in Hyrule and Gongu’s father, let out a guttural shout in his native tongue. Only Gongu could understand his cry of “Traitor!”, and he immediately backed away. He armed himself with Stonebreaker and let fly two arrows to stop his father’s advance. Gongu could remember the last time Torondo was like this and would not allow that to happen again. Whisper jumped in front of Gongu, baring his teeth and crouching low.