Latest Adventures

The Fallen Fairy

Quest for Calatia Session 15 on Mar 22, 2020

The sentinels crossed the bridge to Brynn’s Tower, seeing an ornate and gaudy golden throne with a steel cage next to it. The dull purple glow of Il came from the cage, but Il was not moving or making any sound. Gongu and Zedeki stepped inside and looked around, but there was no sign of Brynn, Carrock, or any other pirates. Apart from Il, no sounds came from the tower.

House of Pirates

Quest for Calatia Session 14 on Mar 15, 2020

Soveliss had already departed when the sentinels awoke, but that came as no surprise. She had left some small rations for them to eat before they set out. Ophinia went to take care of My Lady while the others decided to go to the Traveler’s Delight General Store to stock up on supplies. Ophinia spoke with Harit, the owner of the Cracked Corncob tavern and stables, about leaving My Lady for an extended period of time. Harit suggested that Ophinia sign a contract to allow My Lady to work in the fields during harvest time. That way, Ophinia did not have to pay for stabling her horse. Ophinia spoke to My Lady and told her of the situation and that she would return as soon as she could.

Trail of Blood

The Great Ones Session 17 on Mar 14, 2020

Morning came once again. I scanned around the Chateau, looking for any sign of trouble. As of yet, we had not heard further of this strange person looking for Luna. Petra did not come back last night and she was nowhere to be found.